Alphabet Lotto: Review

Alphabet Lotto 1

We’ve been playing with Orchard Toys board games again, courtesy of Hubbard’s Toy Cupboard. Last month we brought you a review of Insey Winsey Spider which we still play regularly. This month though we’ve been playing with Alphabet Lotto.

Alphabet Lotto 2

Littlebit was struck down with the chicken pox a few weeks back and thus we were quarantined, providing lots of time for playing board games (she wasn’t really up to much more for a number of days) and she really took to Alphabet Lotto during this time, playing it at least once a day over the period of a week (some days we must have played 3 or 4 times).

Already Littlebit recognised and could name certain letters, all those in her name and the first letters of all of her friends and family, but there were some she would struggle with despite me working with her bath letters, books and alphabet games on the iPad. Not now though. After playing this game for a few weeks Littlebit recognises ALL letters of the alphabet plus the sounds like “th” and “ch”. There is a definite improvement and I’m sure it’s largely down to this board game and how much we’ve played it.

Alphabet Lotto is supporting Littlebit’s phonics learning at playschool and later at school as I think this game will last us a few years with all the variations of play.

Alphabet Lotto 3

What we love most about this game is the number of different ways you can play. We started by matching picture to picture, then moved onto letter to picture, picture to letter and then finally letter to letter.

Each variation of the game is different enough to mean that most times we play Littlebit wants to have a go at all versions so we spend a good half an hour playing with this game.

The game is suitable from age 3 upwards and is for 2-5 people.

Alphabet Lotto 4

The game develops letter recognition, improves memory skills and ties in with early learning goals.

Like the other Orchard Toys games Alphabet Lotto is brightly coloured, appealing to pre-schoolers and has some wonderful illustrations.

Alphabet Lotto 5

You can see Littlebit and her Auntie Amy enjoying the game above. Doesn’t it look like they’re having fun?

Alphabet Lotto is available from Hubbard’s Toy Cupboard priced at a reasonable £8.99.

This is a review post. I am a Shop Ambassador for Hubbard’s Toy Cupboard and we were provided with this game for review. All opinions are my own.

Hubbard's Toy Cupboard Shop Ambassador

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The value of fresh air

Our house has been virus ridden for weeks now. We had a week off play school with an unknown virus, a week back at play school, another week off with a virus along with a rash, then a week back at play school and then the chicken pox hit us!

We are a family that love to be outdoors and when we’re stuck indoors we feel caged and quickly get tetchy. When Littlebit was feeling really ill we were fine as she was happy enough sitting in our bed watching Disney film after Disney film. I think we’ve watched Frozen about 10 times in the last 7 days! But as soon as she was feeling a bit better, even though she wasn’t entirely better and thus not well enough to return to play school, she started getting bored.

The first day of  proper “betterness” we spent a couple of hours outside. Me gardening, and Littlebit set to washing all of her outdoor toys ready for the nicer weather. The fresh air seemed to blast some of those germs away and the next day all of her spots were crusted over and she was pretty much back to normal so she was able to return to play school.

After play school each day we made the most of the weather and the missed fresh air and spent some time in the local parks. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just an hour around the local fields with friends, but it was just so good to be back outdoors.

country kids

country kids

country kids

country kids

country kids

country kids

Enjoying an ice cream at the lovely Acorns Coffee Shop on Burbage Common after a play on the park.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Thomas and Friends Scruff Gets Clean: Review

Thomas and friends

By now you must know that Littlebit LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends. She is a true fan. She has his train set, a remote control Thomas, DVD’s, CD’s and books, so many books! She can’t get enough of them and more often than not chooses one of her Thomas & Friends collection to be read to her at bedtime.

So, when Egmont UK asked us to review one of their new titles Scruff gets Clean we were thrilled.

Scruff gets clean

Like all Thomas & Friends books the book is colourful, full of pictures that spark interest in Littlebit. She loves to be read the story first and then she’ll “read” it back to us, describing what she can remember from the story and what is happening in the pictures. The pictures in the Thomas books are a great prompt for this. They let her imagination run wild too and we end up with some really funny stories when she forgets the real storyline.

The Scruff Gets Clean story is about Scruff (obviously) an engine that was new to us. Littlebit immediately liked him as he’s covered in muck, the state she is usually found in!

Scruff works with Whiff. Littlebit thought this was hilarious, what a name! In short it’s a story about being happy the way you are and friendships. Another lovely story from Egmont that was a real hit with Littlebit.

Egmont were also kind enough to send us another one of their new books The Lost Puff too. Littlebit’s favourite engine is Thomas and this book also features Stephen, another favourite and a new character to us, Paxton. Littlebit liked The Lost Puff so much we had it three nights in a row! This story is all about feeling a bit silly and learning valuable lessons. A great read and a lovely addition to our Thomas & Friends collection.

The lost puff

This is a review post. We were supplied with these book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Linking up to Damson Lane’s Kids Book a Week Linky.

Damson Lane


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We’ve had the pox

Things have been a little quiet of late here at Mummypinkwellies as we’ve been contending with the chicken pox!

chicken pox 1

Poor Littlebit had a week off play school 5 weeks ago with a virus, then a week back, then another week off with another nasty virus, then a week back and then she got the pox! The poor little love was covered, 212 spots we counted. She handled it really well though, only having one really poorly day.

chicken pox 2

We found the best things for it were keeping her dosed up with Children’s Paracetamol and Piriton and covering the spots in Virasoothe.

chicken pox 3

Today she’s been back to play school, still spotty but all crusted over now and therefore no longer contagious and back to being full of beans.

We still tried to get plenty of fresh air whilst she was off though. This was taken during a couple of hours in the garden washing down all her toys now the weather is getting a little better.

chicken pox 4

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