Pumpkin panic

So, the lovely pumpkin we picked last weekend went rotten! Really quickly too. I thought we just had a duff, until I spent 4 hours trying to find a replacement, commenting on it on Facebook and finding others had the same problem with their pumpkins too.

Our local fruit and veg supplier, where we usually get most of our fruit and veg from, had a delivery of 70 pumpkins and promptly sent them back again as they were already going mouldy. Yesterday I visited the three large supermarkets in the town, plus two small local ones in our village, then a huge supermarket in the city, along with two posh food shops, surely M&S or Waitrose wouldn’t have supply issues with pumpkins? Oh but they did! Waitrose Lutterworth had only had a delivery of 10 yesterday and they’d sold out in minutes.


I hadn’t heard about the national pumpkin shortage until we were “caught short” ourselves. I thought our plans of a Cinderella carriage were not to be. Littlebit was devastated, we’d been collecting craft supplies all week and she had even won herself a Cinderella sparkle doll by being super good and filling her marble jar this week, ready for the arrival of her carriage.

I put an appeal out on Facebook for anyone who might have a spare. Two lovely mummy friends, who each have two children, offered for their kids to share so Littlebit could have her pumpkin. How nice was that? People are so kind.

Luckily I didn’t have to deal with the guilt of depriving one of those kids of their pumpkins though as this lovely lady came to the rescue and donated one of her pumpkins. Thanks Charlie!

Charlie to the rescue

Littlebit had gone to bed last night truly believing she’d done something wrong to make her pumpkin go mouldy and make all of the many, oh so many, shops we visited run out, despite my reassurances it wasn’t her fault. Bless her, she was so upset.

pumpkin panic

But she woke up to this waiting for her on the dining table, and I showed her the photo of Charlie with it. Charlie isn’t just another Mummy from play school, she also works for them and teaches Littlebit phonics each week too. She was so chuffed that “one of my ladies saved me a pumpkin”.

Then another friend brought us another pumpkin this morning too. She tried to drop and run but I caught her in the act. This experience has really shown me how beautiful human beings can be.

pumpkin delivery

So, here is our carriage.

cinderella pumpkin carriage

cinderella pumpkin carriage

cinderella pumpkin carriage

We carved, and glued and glittered. Such fun!

pumpkin carriage creation


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Some pictures are just #TooGood not to share

#toogoodDid you know that Boots are now doing a 1 hour photo service?

You can bring your unforgettable moments to life in as little as an hour in over 300 Boots UK stores in three easy ways:

  • Boots Photo App: whether sitting at home or travelling on the bus, the Boots App allows you to order a product (posters, canvases and cards). You can even access your favourite images from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bootsphoto.com: download photos from your phone, camera, Facebook or Flickr and create prints, posters, canvases, cards, calendars and photobooks.
  • #toogoodThe new cutting edge kiosks in-store: upload your favourite photo using the new look photo kiosks via your Facebook and Flickr account (compatible with almostany mobile phone) and transform it into a personalised print, poster, photobook or even a calendar.

Earlier this week Boots offered me the opportunity to try out the new 1 hour photo service. They came up with a fab idea too. My instructions were to pick out one of Littlebit’s most treasured toys and whilst she was out of the house, take photos of the toy in various unexpected situations (e.g. Teddy taking on the washing). Then get the photos printed using the 1 hour service and give them to Littlebit as a fun surprise present when she returns home.

They provided me with a voucher for £50 to get this done which gave me lots left over to print some of the photos we’ve taken recently which really are #TooGood not to print!

I used the Boots app to print my pics. It was all very easy and you don’t pay until you pick them up.

I love this idea as I take hundreds of photos but very rarely print them, not unless there’s a purpose. But with this app you can print direct from your phone, even from Facebook and Instagram. So when you take a great pic you can immediately send it for proper printing and collect it an hour later, just enough time for a coffee eh? Great idea!

collection within an hour

The only thing I didn’t like, and it’s a minor niggle, was that you can’t fill a basket as you normally would, you have to do each different type of photo (i.e. size, photo, card, poster etc.) separately and fill your details in each time.

I had some fun with Littlebit’s favourite toy of the moment, her soft plush Elsa. She made Daddy’s tea, put the washing on and even helped to make Littlebit’s packed lunch for playschool, all while she was still in bed ha!


This is Littlebit’s reaction when she saw what Elsa had been up to…

YouTube Preview Image

Fab fun!

I also got a selection of other products printed. All within 50 minutes as I was a little early on pick up. Very impressive.

other photo products

Prints to go in our family Christmas cards this year.


Thanksgiving invitations

Invitations to our Thanksgiving dinner.


Littlebit's friends


Tags to stick onto the Christmas presents for Littlebit’s friends.


This is a review post. We were provided with a voucher to print these products for review of the @BootsUK #1Hour #TooGood photo service. All opinions are my own. 

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My girl is growing up

pumpkin patch last year and this

My girl is growing up. She’s 4 now, going on 14! The changes year to year are always immense, but this year she seems to have grown up so very much. She’s now a proper little girl, no more baby or toddler!

It really struck me when we visited the Pumpkin Patch last weekend as we had done the exact same thing this time last year and taken some very similar photos. You obviously see them grow and change every day, but year on year when annual events come round it’s really highlighted.

pumpkin patch last year and this

pumpkin patch last year and this

My 2lb little girl is growing up and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Well done kid!

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Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch

This weekend we spent a day at Hatton Country World and their pumpkin patch. I’ve not a lot to say about it as I think the pictures speak for themselves on the fun we had!

It’s open until next weekend so do pop down if you get the chance. It was lovely fun!

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch


pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

pumpkin patch

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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