Filthy Fox Camping and Cold Weather Gear: Review

snowed in

We’re not planning on going camping any time soon BUT when Filthy Fox Festival Gear (how ace is their brand name?) asked me to review something for Littlebit from their website I thought maybe we could stock up on some winter essentials.

Most people would probably say I’m over prepared for the winter months.

I’ll admit, we are prepared for an emergency. I’m talking being snowed in and the electric AND gas going. OR breaking down, in the snow, in the middle of the night, being too far from civilisation to walk for help AND running out of petrol so we can’t keep the engine running. Both very unlikely scenarios, but I do like to have all of our bases covered.

And it is mildly based in reality from when I was at middle school and returning from a school holiday to Wales and we got stuck, on the coach, in the snow for 23 hours having to be taken in an warmed and fed by a local church. So it does happen, to me!

In late November I make sure our cupboards at home are stocked with lots of long life foods, tins of stuff we all like, long life milk, crackers and snacks.

I make sure I know where the camping stove is and that we have enough spare gas.

I stock up on candles and batteries for a power failure.

I stock the 2 cars with our emergency gear:

  • A sleeping bag
  • Hat, scarf and gloves
  • An extra jumper
  • Blankets
  • An foil emergency blanket
  • A warning triangle
  • A torch and spare batteries
  • Walking boots / wellies
  • Water and energy drinks
  • Chocolate and high energy snacks like nuts
  • Snow / ice scraper and de-icer
  • Travel (collapsible) snow shovel
  • Neat windscreen wash
  • High visibility vests (adult and child)

Up until this year though I just had an adult sleeping bag in each car, thinking Littlebit would just bunk in with us if needs be. BUT now she’s 4 and very tall I don’t think that will really work. Hence I jumped at the opportunity to get her a sleeping bag that’s just her size.

This cute heart pattered junior sleeping bag from Filthy Fox is just brilliant. We’ve been road testing it at home and Littlebit took it for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandad’s too.

Filthy Fox Junior Hearts Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is good for temperatures to -12°C so it would see us right in an emergency on the road or at home.

Filthy Fox Junior Hearts Sleeping Bag

It packs down nice and small too so fits snugly into the boot of the car.


Littlebit loves her new sleeping bag. I keep putting it away and it keeps coming back out again! We’ve made tents under the dining table and played in there for hours, been slugs and worms and just snuggled in it watching Christmas movies.

Filthy Fox Junior Hearts Sleeping Bag

If you are going a festival any time soon then I’d definitely recommend Filthy Fox Festival Gear. They’ve got it all. From clothing and footwear to camping toiletries and washing stuff, camping gear to hygiene equipment. When heading to a festival it’s essential that you have both your inflatable hammer and disposable urinal with you. At Filthy Fox they understand these needs and so have a dedicated superstore to cater to your festival whims! So pop on over, wipe your shoes, and have a wander about – I’m sure there will be something that will catch your eye…

You can find Filthy Fox over on Facebook too, and Twitter.

So, do you think I go overboard? Are you prepared for the winter?

This is a review post. We were provided with the kids sleeping bag for review. All opinions are my own. 

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Butlin’s here we come

So, I’m sure you’ll know by now that we are Butlin’s Ambassadors. Woop woop! And we are soon to embark on our first trip. We will be visiting the Bognor Regis resort for some Christmassy shenanigans.


I visited Butlin’s often as a child, but not the regular Butlin’s. The churchy version, over the Easter holidays, where “Spring Harvest” would take over the whole of the site. No Red Coats and none of the “usual” entertainment, so not really Butlin’s apart from the accommodation and eateries (which were both great). So, I am mega excited to go along to “regular” Butlin’s and see what it’s really about. Not least because a lot of my fellow Ambassadors have already started having their holidays:

A New Addition
North East Family Fun
Daddy Space
The Spirited Puddle Jumper
Sorry About the Mess
Emma and 3
Our Baby Blog

And they’ve been having an awful lot of fun from the sounds of it!

The Ocean Hotel, Bognor Regis

The Ocean Hotel

We’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the resort hotels. No cooking whatsoever for me during this 4 day holiday. Woop woop! After all the entertaining we’ve been doing of late that is a welcome break.

YouTube Preview Image

What’s included at The Ocean Hotel:

  • The Butlins Butler experience – the Butlers will:
    • Host a welcome meeting and tour of the resort
    • Make reservations for us for dinner
    • Help us build a tailored activity plan for your stay
    • Bring our luggage to and from our room
  • Priority reservations for Turner’s restaurant
  • Free WiFi – much needed for hubs work!
  • 24 hour dedicated reception team
  • Designated Ocean Hotel car park
  • Ocean Spa – hoping to book us each a massage here!
  • Kaleidoscope bar and restaurant when you add a dining package
  • Accessible rooms available


We have an Atlantis Room which includes:

  • King size or twin beds in main area and twin beds in the children’s den (sleeping up to 4)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • 24 hour dedicated reception team
  • Balcony with table and chairs
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Temperature control
  • Tea and coffee making facilities, Mini fridge
  • Flat screen TV and DVD player in the main area and the children’s den
  • Option to upgrade to Sea View (subject to availability)

What we’re looking forward to on this Christmassy adventure:

  • Frosty’s Frozen Dome – Pippin the penguin has lost the key to the magical doorway that leads to the North Pole, he needs Frosty the Snowman’s help to find it, so they can let Father Christmas in to visit all the boys and girls.

Frosty's frozen dome

  • Ice Skating
  • Panto – Enjoy watching the talented Butlin’s cast bring the classic tale of Snow White to life.
  • Skyline Snowstorm – Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Butlin’s brings your wish to life when the Skyline Pavilion rains down a glittery, magical snow storm.

angelina ballerina

  • Seeing puppet shows, Billy and Bonnie bear, The Skyline Gang, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Angelina Ballerina, Barney the Dinosaur, Fireman Sam, Mike the Knight, getting messy with some arts and crafts, playing in the soft play and playgrounds and going on the rides!
  • Playing on the amusements – You can’t beat a 2p machine!
  • Bognor Regis beach
  • Splash Waterworld
  • Fairy makeover – we’re planning on surprising Littlebit with a fairy makeover, if she’s good.

fairy makeover

  • Hopefully a massage at the Ocean Spa for us both
  • Not having to cook! I’ve heard the food is exceptional at Butlin’s with a huge choice and as we are half-board catered I won’t have to lift a finger!
  • The Diner – Step through the doors and you’re transported back to the glamorous age of the 1950s with hot dogs, burgers, salads and shakes all ready to order!
  • Scoop Ice-Cream Parlour – You can’t go to the seaside without stopping for an ice cream! Pop in for the very best gelato real Italian ice cream. Have fun sitting on a life- size pink cow bench or cow themed, child friendly stools, whilst tucking into your favourite ice-cream. With tables inside and out you can enjoy an ice cream no matter what the weather.
  • But most of all I am looking forward to the smiles and laughter! Littlebit know’s we’re going away but she doesn’t really have any clue where. She’s going to be AMAZED, it’s going to be magical! Pre-Littlebit holidays were for relaxing. I don’t think this holiday will be relaxing as such, but holidays now are about watching her have fun and making memories together as a family.

I’ll be posting after our holidays to let you know what we thought, of course!


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The elf on the shelf day 8 to 14

I brought you days 1 to 7 last week, well today I’m bringing you days 8 to 14.

Day 8 naughty Elden was caught cavorting with Tinker Bell on the top of our Christmas tree.

elf on the shelf day 8

Day 9 Elden brought a cake pan with casts of his face and a Christmassy apron to wear when baking gingerbread after play school.

elf on the shelf day 9

baking gingerbread

baking gingerbread

Day 10 he was hanging out in the stockings.

elf on the shelf day 10

Day 11 he was on the wreath in the hall.

elf on the shelf day 11

Day 12 he was riding on the campervan in the living room.

elf on the shelf day 12

Day 13 he was in with the advent calendars and had brought an activity to do with Daddy that afternoon.

elf on the shelf day 13

Day 14 he was in his very own bath with some Christmassy bubblebath.

elf on the shelf day 14



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