If you’ve read my Butlin’s Skegness post you might well be wondering what else there is to do at Butlin’s beside the shows?

Oh there’s soooo much to do!

For a start there’s this right on the doorstep of the Skyline…


Then there’s this…





A little of this…




Some of this…

Quite a bit of this…


And meeting her favourites…




Lots and lots of this…


There’s also lots of pocket money shopping to be done…


And quite amazingly, I got to do a fair bit of this…



I am a #ButlinsAmbassador and will be receiving two complimentary stays as part of my Butlin’s Ambassador role, however all views and opinions are my own. I will occasionally share information from Butlin’s which I think will be of interest to my readers.

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So, back in June we took our second Butlin’s Ambassadors break and what fun we had!

The Skegness site is much bigger than Ocean Hotel where we’d previously visited and it’s spread across a long and fairly thin site. I thought this might be a problem for little legs, especially when we checked in and we were the furthest possible chalet away from the Skyline and our breakfast and dinner restaurants. Most days we walked about 6 miles a day (I have a Jawbone tracker that tracked our activity) but actually we all really enjoyed the exercise. We took Littlebit’s scooter and she was happy scooting along as the paths are flat and wide so she had plenty of room and Rob and I felt it worked up an appetite for the veritable buffet we were presented with at breakfast and dinner each day!

The accommodation was very different this time too. In Bognor I think we had been spoilt by the Ocean Hotel. In Skegness we were booked into a Gold Apartment (or chalet to you and I). The chalet was very nice, brightly decorated, clean, spacious and well equipped, everything it needed to be. But it wasn’t to the standard of the hotel. My only real complaint though was the beds, they were not the most comfortable. Next time (and there definitely is going to be a next time) I’d take one of those roll up mattress toppers just to make it a little more cozy. That said I slept like a log every night so it can’t have been that bad!

In reality we spent very little time in the chalet anyway. There’s too much to do elsewhere. So it certainly met our purposes.

The very best thing about Butlin’s is how much there is to do. A few days before your holiday you receive the entertainment guide for what’s happening during your stay. From restaurant opening times to show that are on to fairground availability it’s all in there, so this little booklet is your Bible for the duration of your stay. If you can find the time before you leave, and you’ll need a good couple of hours, I found it really useful to create our own itinerary from it, which detailed all the things we’d like to do, and scheduled in things like a daily swim. What I found when we went to Bognor was that we ran out of time to do the things we wanted, so this trip was planned with military precision. It was really easy then to just refer to our own itinerary without all the other options for entertainment, and there are so many options, getting in the way.

This was our itinerary for our stay:

12:00pm arrive on site from midday, check in and go swimming
3:00pm get into chalet
4:30pm dinner in the Yacht Club
5:30pm Billy & Bonnie’s Story Time in the Skyline


7:30pm Buffalo Billy in Centre Stage


9:00am breakfast in the Yacht Club
10:00am Thomas and the Fat Controller’s Big Surprise in the Skyline


11:30am Little Big Adventure in Centre Stage


12:30pm lunch
2:00pm Skyline Gang in Rumble in the Jungle
2:45pm swimming
4:00pm splash park
5:30pm dinner in The Deck
6:45pm Skyline Gang in Lost in Space


10:00am breakfast in The Deck
11:00am fairground
12:00pm Barney’s Farmyard Sing-along in the Skyline


12:30pm picnic lunch and play on the beach
3:00pm splash park
4:00pm It’s Time with Katy in Centre Stage


5:00pm Billy & Bonnie’s Story Time in the Skyline
5:30pm dinner in The Deck
6:30pm Frozen sing-along silent cinema in the Skyline


9:00am breakfast in The Deck
10:00am Angelina Ballerina’s Dance Class in the Skyline
10:30am fairground
12:00pm Mike the Knight in the Skyline


12:30pm lunch (ice creams in Scoop)
1:30pm swimming
4:00pm Tree Fu Tom in Reds


5:00pm dinner in The Deck
6:30pm Skyline Gang in Caveman Capers


7:15pm Skyline Gang photo shoot

9:00am Billy & Bonnies Wake Up Workout
9:30am breakfast in The Deck
Travel home exhausted!

As you can see there wasn’t really a spare minute, we went from place to place being entertained by shows and fitting in a swim here and there. Littlebit was in heaven!

Come back soon for more about our fantastic Butlin’s holiday.


I am a #ButlinsAmbassador and will be receiving two complimentary stays as part of my Butlin’s Ambassador role, however all views and opinions are my own. I will occasionally share information from Butlin’s which I think will be of interest to my readers. 

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