A day in the life of Littlebit

I plan to do this every now and then, on a different day of the week, so you can see how a day in the life of Littlebit is made up.

810am – Littlebit wakes up

She sleeps so well does Littlebit. Always has. Well since she had been home about 2 months anyway, so she would have been 4 months old (6 weeks old corrected). Just after she came home she went through a stage of feeding every hour and a half and for half an hour at a time, that was exhausting to put it politely. But once she’d settled in at home she started to sleep through and has done ever since. Good job as both Mummy and Daddy like their sleep!

830am – boobie time

Littlebit playing with Mummy’s Lactivist Bling nursing beads while having her first breakfast. I had to buy these when Littlebit took to pulling my nursing bra straps out as far as she could and then letting it ping back against me. I was red raw, but she just needed to keep her little hands busy.

9am – Mickey Mouse Club House

I don’t believe in kids watching telly as a matter of course, well certainly not for hours and hours a day anyway. But Littlebit does get an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House each morning while Mummy gets ready for the day, gets dressed and such like. She loves it, as soon as “Toodles” comes on she is waving her arms around in excitement and the “Hot Dog” dance has her giggling and bouncing on the bed :)

930am – breakfast

Littlebit LOVES her food and this morning had a 2 course breakfast of cereal with fruit and milk followed by a Munch Bunch, and not any baby sized minute little thing, oh no, an adult sized one wolfed down in less than a minute. She’s got a lot of catching up to do!

1030am – on the road

On the road in her brand new car seat as she looked really scrunched up and uncomfortable in the old one. Even though she’s still only 15 lb she can sit unaided and launch herself forwards, so the ‘newborn’ car seat was becoming a bit of a pain.

11am – Wriggly Readers

Sitting with her friend S at Wriggly Readers. This is a fantastic service offered by the local library. An opportunity to get out and meet other Mums (and sometimes Dads) and babies and sing silly rhymes and read books together.

1230pm – lunch time

Today, lunch was at Roody’s (I’ve waxed lyrical about this place in the past so see my previous posts) and Littlebit had Ella’s Kitchen Four Bean Feast followed by Apple and Raisin Crumble while Mummy had one of Roody’s yummy paninis. Scrummy.

130pm – asleep around town

Oooop’s, I forgot to take a pic for this one. But she had an hours nap anyhow…

230pm – Baby Sign

A good friend of mine is starting her own business doing Baby Sign so we were having a practice session and what fun it was. I’d highly recommend it and not just because she’s my friend.

Baby sign language is a fun and helpful tool to help bridge the communication gap with your child. Most babies can sign before they can speak. It can have real advantages when used with children who may be at risk from developmental delay, such as premature babies.

While many premature babies develop extremely well as they grow, and Littlebit certainly seems to be developing well. Preemies are in a category that can be considered higher for having speech delays.

This is why we’ve been regularly attending Sing & Sign sessions and will hopefully be doing extra sessions with Baby Sign.

330pm – playing with the Baby Sign babies

Playing together with their instruments while the mummies had coffee and cake.

430pm – milk time

I’m trying to give Littlebit a bottle during the day now. She has become everso fussy at the breast during the daytime feed. I suppose it’s because there are far more interesting things to look at and play with than Mummy’s boobie. It also means that I can go out for a day out and leave her with her Grandparents without having to worry that she won’t take her milk. Doesn’t seem to have affected my milk supply either, though I guess 11 months in it shouldn’t. So she still gets her morning and night time boobie milk.

530pm – play time at home

Littlebit’s favourite toys are her instruments that her Auntie Amy (her Godmother) & Uncle Mark bought her during our recent trip to Disneyland Paris.

630pm – dinner time

In her playpen waiting for Mummy to cook dinner. Home made cottage pie tonight :)

8pm – ready for bed and having 40 winks on Mummy

Littlebit doesn’t go to bed until 9/930pm most nights. Some parents may frown on this but it works for us. Daddy doesn’t get home until 7pm most nights so it gives him some quality time before bed. It also means she sleeps through until 8/830am. Score!

9pm – goodnight

Littlebit having a goodnight cuddle with Auntie Erin who is over from Michigan, USA for a few more days. Auntie Erin is marrying Uncle Tim (Littlebit’s Godfather) in February so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her from then on in. This makes us happy.

930pm – asleep and dreaming of our fun filled day

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