Thankful Third Thursday

The meme rules: on the third Thursday of every month I blog about ten things I am thankful for. Then tag three (note the t’s) people in the meme to pass it on.

So here we go…ten things I am thankful for this Thankful Third Thursday:

1. CBeebies – having had either an ill Littlebit or been ill myself for at least 3 of the 7 days in a week for the last 3 weeks I have relied heavily on CBeebies to entertain. Littlebit has been very happy to just play in front of it for hours on end, thank goodness.

2. For being well again – although CBeebies has been my saviour there is only so much of it one can take and when I walk into my kitchen, see a butternut squash and am surprised it has no eyes, nose and mouth I know I have Mr Bloom overload. I am thankful to be out and about again and that Littlebit can see and play with all her friends again.

3. For having my baby girl with me. I see stories all the time about people who have lost their babies, both preemies and babies born with life threatening conditions like @EstellaStar1. I am so grateful that our story is so different. You can read about Estella here and about how they are trying to smash SMA. A very worthy read.

4. My fabulous family. As @Beadzoid pointed out on one of my recent posts Stay at home mama….or not? I am really lucky to have both our sets of parents close. This really helped when we were recently struck down with a sickness bug. The parents came to the rescue and looked after Littlebit for a couple of days so we could recover.

5. Slimming World, since being back on plan I feel healthier than I have done in a long time. It’s such an easy diet to follow and means you can still eat large meals, just large healthy meals. I’m really enjoying it this time too.

6. My friend Amy who is coming along to Slimming World with me. She gives me that extra push as I feel accountable to her for what I see on those scales at weekly weigh in too.

7. Meal planning monday is really helping with our new cost saving measures and the weight loss regime. I am still really enjoying cutting back on our spending too, something I never thought I’d say.

8. Twitter. Up until recently I had been a bit of a Facebook addict and scorned twitter, but actually I am turning. I find twitter so much fun when I have a spare 10 minutes.

9. My beautiful, darling daughter. Just because she amazes me every single day. I am so in love with her I can’t express it in words.

10. My wonderful husband. We have our ups and downs, but when we have our downs we recover quickly and I love him more every single day.

So, what unsuspecting blogger is tagged? What are you thankful for this Third Thursday:

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Mummy Beadzoid

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