Tots100 Home Decor Challenge

Our hallway is boring. Just look at this >>>

Boring, boring, boring!

The rest of our house is, I think, homely. It is open plan and bright and airy. The kitchen leads onto the one large living space, meaning that wherever we are downstairs we are together. It says “a family lives here”. It shows that we like to read and that we like to play.


But our hallway says nothing like this. It says a boring, lifeless couple live here. I am fed up of it. I want people to enter our house and see vibrance and colour and fun. I want a hallway like this >>>



I want a hallway with storage under the stairs that is accessible and meets our needs. Not cramped and impossible to use without emptying everything else out first.



<<< This storage system will take some making by a very skilled tradesman but it would really do the job and I’d know exactly where everything was.


I want a little bit of wallpaper that makes the tight space look larger, vertical stripes will make it look taller than it is and complementary paints in yellow and white to lift the whole look. Crisp white woodwork and a funky flooring. Wood on the hallway floor and a carpet runner on the stairs.

I want our guests to see how we live the minute they walk through the front door by popping a phrase or saying on the wall. I love this one >>>


<<< I want the front entrance to entice our guests in.


The only problem with all of this is the hundreds, and more than likely thousands it will cost. That’s why I’m making it my entry to the Tots 100 Home Decor Challenge with


Do take a look at my Pinterest board for lots more pictures and ideas. painting and decorating

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  1. thebeesleybuzz

    this looks fab! I love the open plan space you already have too. it almost looks like your existing hallway belongs in a different house. You have done a great job of pulling together all your great ideas. Good luck with your entry.

  2. mummypinkwellies

    Thank you :) That’s how I think it looks. That’s why I’m so desperate to win this comp. The hallway is one of those things that isn’t urgent so everything else gets done first x

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