Happy due date Littlebit

It seems like such a long time since we were celebrating Littlebit’s 2nd birthday. It was, in fact, 10 weeks ago. She was born 10 weeks too soon. When I think what we have done in the 10 weeks since her birthday, the places we’ve been, the miles we’ve clocked up, the people we’ve met, the friends and family we’ve caught up with, the changes we’ve made, the business we’ve done. We’ve achieved so much in the last 10 weeks, that puts into perspective just what a long time 10 weeks is!

She should still have been inside me for a further 10 weeks, not ripped from my womb through the sun roof and then incubated and cared for by machines, tubes, wires and nurses. It should have just been me! That wasn’t to be though and our story has a happy ending, we have this healthy and happy 2 year, 10 week old now…

Not everyone is as lucky as us though, not everyone’s stories have such happy and healthy endings.

That’s why I support Tommy’s and Bliss. Two charities that help premature babies.

Please consider donating to one or both of these charities this Christmas to help fund research into why babies come early and how to combat diseases like pre-eclampsia (the reason Littlebit arrived too soon). Prematurity is a massive, world-wide issue that is costing our NHS millions. Help us beat prematurity now!

I don’t know if, and when, we’ll stop celebrating Littlebit’s due date. She ends up having 3 special days marked each year – her actual birthday, the day she came home from the hospital and her due date. No little girl needs that many celebrations. However, we only celebrate her actual birthday properly, with a party and presents I mean. The other 2 dates are just marked with a mention, a few more cuddles and maybe a candle in a cupcake. I don’t see the harm in this, do you?

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