Littlebit’s developmental check

So, Littlebit had her 2 year developmental check on Wednesday last week. I am so proud of her. Considering her early and fragile start in life she is now, at age 2 and a bit, meeting all of her developmental milestones AND EXCELLING THEM! Totally proud Mummy!

The assessment was done in a group environment and they mostly observed her playing and then set her some tasks to do:

  • building a tower with wooden blocks
  • completing a jigsaw
  • crayoning / drawing
  • imaginary play with some characters and a tea set
  • listened to her speech
  • watched her interact with me and the other children
  • watched her looking through some books

They asked me some questions and then said that the usual 2 hour appointment had been completed within pretty much the first 15 minutes of observing her as she “ticked all of their boxes”, though they had still kept me for an hour. But we thoroughly enjoyed it, both of us.

They also weighed her and she’s spot on the 50th centile for her actual age now. Considering she started life on the -3.5th centile she’s not done badly on the old growing front the last 2 years.

I was so proud of how she completed the tasks, I knew they were impressed by her but at the end they said they’d age her at quite a bit above her actual age, let alone her corrected age. Clever little sausage! She’s come so very far and I am so proud of her achievements.

Not all premature babies have this kind of happy ending but I want to get it out there that some do, we’re the lucky ones and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way.

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  1. amy

    Congratulations Littlebit and Pinkwellies, you have every right (and a bit more) to be proud. Congratulations! x

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