Nigella’s Bread Sauce – Christmas Make Ahead

We need a lot of bread sauce at Christmas, as a lot of us love the stuff. I even like it cold with the cold cuts on Boxing Day. I therefore make copious amounts. I’ve used Nigella’s Bread Sauce recipe the last few years, though really you don’t need much of a recipe as it’s so simple:

Heat a litre of whole fat milk until just about to boil, start it off and as it’s slowly heating throw in a quartered onion speared with a clove in each quarter, a teaspoon of peppercorns (Nigella states white peppercorns but we don’t have those in so I always use black), a couple of bay leaves, grated nutmeg (this should be mace but I can’t find that anywhere so used nutmeg instead) and Maldon salt. Once about to boil take off the heat and then let it infuse, I left it for a couple of hours at least.

Shred a whole stale white 800g loaf into it, crusts removed (though I do throw a few bits of crust in as I like the texture). Let it all soak in giving it a good old mix around, I threw in some cream at this point (about 50ml) as I had it left from the Tiramisu Layer Cake I’d made earlier. Allow to cool, pop in some foil takeaway tubs and freeze.

Now I just need to defrost in the fridge Christmas eve and then reheat slowly on the hob on the day, throw in some butter and more seasoning if it needs it. Grate over lots of nutmeg and serve. Simples!

Bread sauce

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