Nigella’s Tiramisu Layer Cake – Christmas Make Ahead

Ok, first things first, this looks an utter mess. But I don’t care as it tastes divine! I think something went wrong with the cream I left in the fridge overnight as it started whipped but turned to a thick runny mess as I put it on the top of the cake, hence it running off and coating the sides. But hey ho, nothing that can’t be covered with a dusting of cocoa once it comes out of the freezer and is defrosted on Boxing Day!

This is Nigella’s Tiramisu Layer Cake. Do click on the link for a fabulous photo of what this dessert SHOULD look like, haha! I’ve never done this one before but liked the sound of it and as it can be made and frozen in advance it’s perfect for Boxing Day supper when my brother and his family come for tea, I just need to remember to get it out of the freezer :)

Tiramisu layer cake

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