The Gruffalo’s Child: Review

This is a review post. We received free tickets to The Gruffalo’s Child in return for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

The very lovely Cat over at Yellow Days organised a bloggers trip to see The Gruffalo’s Child at Birmingham Town Hall today. It was fabulous!

Gruffalo’s Child Trailer from Nat Habety on Vimeo.

The information online said it was appropriate for 3 years plus but as Littlebit has sat really well through this sort of show before I thought she’d be OK at a little over 2 years. That’s where I was wrong :( She was brilliant for the fist 20 minutes, taking it all in and dancing along to the fabulous songs. But then it all started to go wrong. She lay on the floor, she whinged and whined. Thankfully only for 15 minutes or so and then was re-engaged as it got towards the end (and the Gruffalo was back on stage, maybe that was it?) and she really enjoyed the last 10 minutes.

The Gruffalo's Child


In hindsight I think she maybe was just a smidge too young for it. There’s a section in the middle which isn’t quite as lively as the rest and I think that’s where we lost her attention. However, it’s all she’s talked about since we’ve been home so she obviously enjoyed it, and I didn’t feel too bad as I don’t think she bothered anyone with her noise. At that sort of event there are lots of children and mine wasn’t the only one to “kick off”.

Myself and Grandma, however, really really enjoyed it. The staging is just brilliant and with only 3 cast members it’s amazing what they can do. The moving scenery and costumes are just fabulous. But my very favourite thing was definitely the music. So much so that I bought the soundtrack.

The venue is also spectacular. It’s stunning to look at, both inside and out, and their attention to detail on the child friendly aspects was great. There was a safe and secure pram park (one where you get a ticket, much like a cloakroom), plenty of baby changing facilities, booster seats to hire for the kids and loads of staff around to help and direct you if you needed it. I was particularly impressed at the end when we went to collect our pram and a staff member opened up the “staff only” lift to get us back up to the ground floor.



All in all a fab day, despite Littlebit’s small meltdown in the middle. I’d definitely recommend the show for age 3+ if you can. It’s on at the Town Hall until the 16th January and there are still tickets available. It then moves on to a load of other venues. Take a look at the The Gruffalo’s Child Live website for more information.

Thanks again Cat for organising it and thanks to the Town Hall for the tickets.

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