Meal Planning Monday – 28-01-2013

Meal Planning Monday

Here’s our meal plan for this week, linking up to Mrs M and her fantastic Meal Planning Monday linky. This linky is really keeping us on track with Slimming World so we have a lot to thank her for.

We’re back to normal this week now the snow has cleared so here goes:

Monday – at Mum’s for dinner

Tuesday – at the in-law’s for dinner

Wednesday – roast chicken with sticky onion gravy

Thursday – sausage casserole (and a veggie version) for after Slimming World

Friday – haddock Italiano

Saturday – dinner out

Sunday – friends for lunch – roast

orange zest

This week I’m also going to be working on my magic fridge Alex Mackay style. I’ve already done the orange zest seasoning from his book, who’d have thought of using that but he’s right it really adds to dishes, especially tomato based ones. I even got a bonus glass of freshly squeezed orange juice into the deal too :)

This week I’ll be making and freezing:

  • garlic butter – not the healthiest on Slimming World but used sparingly it can add some real extra flavour to dishes
  • tomato compote
  • soft, sweet, sticky onions

I’ll then be using these in this weeks cooking.

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  1. mummypinkwellies

    It’s one of those make it up as I go along ones I’m afraid. But roughly:

    Cook from frozen haddock fillets
    Tin chopped tomatoes
    Pinch dried orange zest (see above)
    Chopped onion
    Smidge olive oil
    Squeeze lemon juice
    Tsp sugar

    Sweat off some onions in a little olive oil until soft, add all other ingredients except the haddock and mix.

    Lay out some foil, pop the fillet in the middle and top with tomato mix.

    Bake in the oven at 180 degrees C for 30 mins or until the fish flakes nicely.

    Sometimes I unwrap it slightly about 2o mins in and top with a breadcrumb and parmesan mix too. It’s scrummy.

    Serve with pasta or new potatoes and veg.

    However, this week I’ll have Alex Mackay’s tomato compote and soft, sweet, sticky onions in my fridge and freezer so I shall probably just combine some of each and pop that on the top. Even simpler :) x

  2. mummypinkwellies

    Kind of yes, although there’s not much added to the onions (just seasoning really and a bit of sugar) as you cook them down. This can then be used as the base for loads of stuff :) x

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