Snow Day Baking – Gingerbread Deer

The last few days have been more snow days here. Our road is still dangerous as anything, you only need to look out of the window for a few minutes to see another car skidding about down the road. Now call me a scaredy cat but we don’t have anywhere we HAVE to be so we’re staying put. The car hasn’t moved since Friday morning. We’ve been out for plenty of walks and played in the garden so we’ve had fresh air aplenty but I’d just rather not risk it. The government advice is DO NOT drive in these conditions unless your journey is essential” and nothing we have on this week (unusually) is essential.

So, we decided to do some baking.

Littlebit has a new step stool so she can help in the kitchen, until this point we’d only mixed cakes and made sandwiches etc. in her highchair at the dining table as she just wasn’t big enough for the kitchen, but now she’s steady on her feet and will stand still for long enough I thought we’d give it a try. Success!

Now I know it works we can get on and start cooking from Alex Mackay’s Everybody Everyday cook book and online resources.

We made some gingerbread dough as per my usual gingerbread recipe and I finally got the chance to use my cute new deer cookie cutters. Gingerbread is perfect for this cold time of year as it’s lovely and spicy and warming. It’s a real favourite of Littlebit’s too so I knew we’d be onto a winner.

gingerbread deer

She loved mixing and rolling between the cling film but she really enjoying stamping out the shapes, and was far more adept at it that I thought she would be. 8 minutes in the oven and time to cool while we ate our lunch and she tucked into some for her dessert.

Baking and cooking with toddlers really is a fun way to pass an hour or so. If you haven’t already you should try it!

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