Snow Day Play – Bring the Snow Inside

If it’s just TOO cold to go out in the snow then why not bring the snow inside one day?

I started a new board on Pinterest the moment the first snowflake fell round here, it’s called Snow Play. Full of ideas for the things we could do when we’re inevitably home-bound because of the weather. Then a few days ago saw this post over on Edspire’s blog and decided this was definitely one to do this week.

I’ve been meaning to get a box to make into a sensory bin but haven’t quite got around to it so a Pyrex casserole dish had to do. It was pretty simple, fill it with snow and grab some toys to have fun with.

bring the snow inside

Littlebit had her Happyland people skating on the snow, driving their cars too fast around corners and sending them flying off onto the floor (picking up on my non-driving vibes maybe), she also enjoyed stamping them through the snow and then looking at the footprints they left. We also enjoyed throwing some snow up into the air above the tub so it was like it was snowing in Happyland.

I dressed her in the bottom half of her snowsuit which meant she was warm enough to play for nearly an hour like this.

A very simple idea that provided a different kind of activity for a snow day.

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  1. Jennie Edspire

    It is such a lovely thing to do with young toddlers who do not have the stamina to stay outside in the snow too long x Thank you for linking back. Off to follow your Pinterest Boards x

  2. Cherry Blossom Rain

    What a great idea! I am definitely doing this next time! Thor hated the snow and I found it so difficult to get out there on my own this year with two kiddo’s whilst the husband worked!


  3. PerfHappyMum

    That such a good idea… The problem with my boys is that it would have ended up in snow ball fight and indoors it is not so good… You are lucky to have one very well behaved little girl :)

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