What does your bookcase say about you?: Review

This is a review post for which I received compensation. All opinions are my own.

I love books, I love reading, I love everything about books, I love bookcases, I love libraries, I just LOVE books! So when I saw this post from Keynko about books and bookcases it got me thinking.

Then I saw the post from the fabulous bloggy guru that is Mammasaurus and that inspired me even further (as that pesky Mammasaurus has a habit of doing). What you have on your bookcase speaks volumes (see what I did there) about you I think, so… here’s are my our bookcases and more importantly our my books!

Littlebits bookshelvesFor a start, here are the most important bookcases in the house. Those owned by the small person that lives in our house, the one we know and love as Littlebit.

On her bookcases she has toy drawers, games, craft stuff, colouring and drawing stuff, and of course books, obviously! We’ve got some firm favourites on there like the Hairy Maclary books, Winnie the Pooh and The Little Bear Stories to some weird and wonderful ones like the most bizarre version of The Wizard of Oz I’ve ever seen with pictures made from photos of toys mixed with illustrations and other weird and wonderful things. This book was a Christmas gift from a fellow 2 year old and came with the explanation “When you open this you might wonder what on earth it is, but we have one and Sammy loves looking at the pictures”. Low and behold I opened it and wondered what on earth but Littlebit loves it as predicted. You win Sammy’s Mummy.

my bookshelves

Then you have my bookshelves. You only need look at my Pinterest Board “Dream House” to see how much books form a part of the family home to me. I would love a reading nook and finally in this house I have room for my books. Though when I moved from a house to a flat a few years ago I had to get rid of boxes and boxes of books, these are what I kept at the flat, up in the attic, with the aim that they would once again be brought out and shelved and read as they should be. My bookcase is one of my most favourite things in this house. It makes me happy.

As to the books, well there are recipe books galore…

bookshelves 5Plenty of old books of my Grandpa’s. Books that for the most part I am too scared to touch for fear that they’ll disintergrate, but all of which I have read or at least looked through in detail.

bookshelves 2

bookshelves 1There is my sewing box, random odds and sods, our music players, an old “treasure chest” of my Grandpa’s that I vividly remember as a child thinking was a pirates chest, an old fashioned barometer which again, I think, belonged to my Grandpa (he was my favourite person in the world as a child).

bookshelves 3Then there are my childhood books, which are too precious for Littlebit to have just yet, the Narnia books, Enid Blyton classics and books that hold precious memories for me.

bookshelves 4

And finally there’s the randoms. Those books you read and can’t part with or are waiting to be read.

What you can’t see on these photos is the two end shelves which are full of CDs and DVDs. But that’s a whole other post. I need to have clear out of those though, as unlike the books there are still many that are yet to be unpacked. I think I’ll be logging onto musicMagpie at some point soon to make some pennies (for more books) and clear some space :)

I am a firm believer in reading a book and passing it on, but there are just some I would never part with.

Obviously in addition to all these there’s the books floating around the house, the ones by my bed, the ones on my bureau, the ones in my basket of “to read asap” and the ones on my iPad. I’m currently reading “Life without limits” about the amazingly inspirational Nick Vujicic and as soon as I’ve read that I’m moving on to “Half the Sky” as recommended to me by Sian over at Geek is New Chic absolutely months ago but new recipe books and iPad downloads got in the way.

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  1. Rachel

    That’s a very fine set of bookshelves you have there! Are they Swedish? Ahem. My bookshelves are a higgeldy mess in my very tiny room of my own. So tiny it has the built in shelves one table and chair and that’s it. Don’t think you could even swing a cat!

  2. mummypinkwellies

    They most certainly are. You’d think we lived in Sweden if you walked into our house.

    Bless you. I’m impressed that in that little space you still have a bookcase.

    And the best ones are higgledy messes 😉 x

  3. keynko

    Not sure what I like best – a ‘Nigela Shelf’, the beautiful wooden casket (I am an avid fan or wooden boxes and hubbie has banned me from buying more!) Or the Hairy MacClary books! Even though my ‘baby is 16 now we can still quote them – Hairy Macclary from Donaldsons dairy, Bottomly Potts all covered in spots, Schnitzel Von Crumb with a very low tum……. Thanks for joining in!

  4. mummypinkwellies

    I’d swap for yours any day. I have shelf envy. Especially when they had those pretty fairy lights on them. Why had I never thought of that?

    The photo cubes are Littlebit’s. They’re how I plan to explain her early start to her when the time comes.

    Cube 1 is birth at hospital 1.

    Cube 2 is hospital 2 – intensive care.

    Cube 3 is hospital 3 (same as hosp 1 when she came back) and her journey to getting to come home :)

    Thanks for stopping by, it’s always an honor when the Guru swings by :) x

  5. Lilandrael

    You do indeed have wonderful shelves. (That’s not a euphemism by the way!) I can only dream of ever having the room to house that many books – maybe when the three kids have grown up and moved out, it will be a reality. Until then there’s the kindle and my single bookcase of mess and chaos. I must say, I’m really looking forward to reading the Hobbit to my three.

  6. Sonya Cisco

    Can I come and live with you? Properly love your shelving, and the people book ends. Great selection of books, and love the objects you have chosen to display too. fabulous!

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