Working towards a re-style: Review

This is a review post. All views are my own.

So, as you may know if you’re a regular reader of Mummypinkwellies, I am on a mission to lose weight. I am always on this mission. I can’t remember a time when I’ve not been on one diet or another. But, this time it’s finally happening. I’ve finally got my brain in gear and the weight is coming off, slowly but surely.

I have lost 1 stone since Christmas! Wooooooop!

My target is in sight. I’d like to lose another 3 and a half to 4 stone. This would still put me into the overweight category on the BMI charts, but size 16 is where I’m happiest. Believe me, I’ve been through that size enough times to know. So that’s what I’m aiming for.

So, with this in mind. I’ve been thinking about what my style will be when I’m at my target weight. At the moment I just opt for things that fit. When I’m a size 16 I will have a LOT more choice.

My style icon is Kirstie Allsopp. I love her style. There’s very rarely a photo that pops up of her where I don’t LOVE what she’d wearing.

I love the 1950’s and the styles of that era so I’d love to have lots of calf length circle dresses and wrap dresses.

I’m also aware that I’ll need lots of casual stuff too. I envy the “nice” sized Mum’s at my groups that can pull off jeans, a t-shirt and a smart blazer, maybe with a loose scarf. So that’s what I’m planning for the pre-school run, coffee with friends and fun at the park with Littlebit.

New Look have some stunning “plus size” blazers in at moment. I’ve pinned some to my “I’ll get there” Pinterest board, have a look, there’s some lovely ones.

What do you think of my planned re-style? I’m really hoping this will keep me motivated!

  • The “After” Myth | C
  • ELOISE – Semi-fitted
  • Henford Womens Jerse
  • Metallic brogues
  • Size 16 please
  • Tara Lynn for the H
  • Always For Me In Con
  • Plus Size Boho Chic:
  • Size 16 women are th
  • size 16
  • From Flatt Magazine,
  • Curvy women are beau
  • curvesome: “ Ashley
  • Pink Vintage Tea Len
  • 50's vintage dress f
  • Hot pink and black
  • Vintage style 1950's
  • 1950s Halterneck Str
  • 1950s inspired hair
  • Check Me Out Coat
  • Ness Trinity Ladies
  • Talking Texture
  • A Patriotic Palette
  • Pretty in Prints
  • Away in a Gilet
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