Colour in Easter tablecloth: Review

This is NOT a sponsored post. Just thought I’d get that out there. This is just me writing about a product that I bought recently from a local shop Folly Home. They have a shop in our little town and also offer a mail order service at reasonable delivery charges and I love to support local businesses so I’m blogging about them. I’ve received no products for free and no payment for this post.

I adore this Easter colour in tablecloth. We’ve had loads of fun with it over the weekend. There’s still at least another couple of hours entertainment in it too I reckon… we might just have finished it by Easter day.

Easter tablecloth colouring

It is filled with lovely Easter and spring themed pictures. We all had a go at it. Littlebit is still way too young to stay within the lines but she chose the colours for me and Daddy and with some help from me (my hand over hers) stayed in the lines for the eggs in the nest, so it was a learning opportunity too. The rest she scribbled, but I love that. That’s her being creative!

It would be a great Easter gift for someone with pre-school kids and is about the same price as a large Easter Egg but much, much better for you :)

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