Living someone else’s life

Yesterday I felt like I was living someone else’s life.

To cut a long story short my car was in for MOT and service but when I arrived at the garage there had been a mix up and they’d cancelled my booking. They could still fit me in but didn’t have the courtesy car I had booked. After a 10 minute debate they decided I could take the Sales Directors week old Honda Civic ES, worth about £22k with the extras it had. Terrified to be driving this expensive car is an understatement.

Then, driving “my” new car I had to go and drop something at a friends house in the village. I’d not been down this particular road for a while and I was surprised to see a whole new housing development was springing up down there. Having a few minutes to waste before my next appointment I thought I’d take a drive around the part of the new estate that was open already. The houses were so beautiful I thought I’d pop into the Sales Centre and get a brochure (just out of sheer nosiness, we’re not even looking to move!). This then led to a visit to the show home (the sales lady was very persuasive). This was a half a million pound, 5 bedroomed with additional downstairs study, show home! Like I said I had some time to waste. Ha!

show home

It was sooo beautiful, but just so big. I don’t know why any small family like ours, would want to live in such a large house. We’d have 3 rooms EACH not including the kitchen.

In addition to this I had coffee with a friend and lunch ON MY OWN, reading a magazine. First time I’ve done that in ages. It took me right back to my life pre-Littlebit.

I enjoyed my day pretending I was some one else but I wouldn’t change my life for the world. Having a child free day when I just have errands to run and not a lot of work to do is great, but only once in a while.

What would you change about your world, if anything?

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