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I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

Every Monday evening Littlebit and I have dinner with my Mum, my step Dad and my nieces (my step brother’s daughters). I LOVE Monday nights. They are true family time. This is a tradition that has been going many, many years and we try to keep to it as much as possible. This Monday, unfortunately, one of my nieces couldn’t join us but she did have the excuse of a GCSE the next day so we let her off.

Littlebit and I will often arrive before nap time so I can have an hours uninterrupted catch up with the folks, then the girls arrive from school and college and pandemonium begins. We wouldn’t have it any other way though.

On Sunday we baked some dark chocolate chip and fudge chunk cookies to take for tea the next day. We used Emily from A Mummy Too‘s recipe just swapping white chocolate for dark. Daddypinkwellies got to take a batch to work and we took six for Granny and Grandad.

dark chocolate chip and fudge chunk cookies

We called at their local Sainsbury’s on the way to pick up some Coca Cola and snacks for dessert as part of a Collective Bias® shop. If you want to see more about this shop take a look at my Google+ album. We all have very different tastes so I opted for three different varieties of Diet Coke – plain, with Citrus Fruits and Cherry Coke. I have to say I do prefer Diet Coke of all of their options. It just tastes much fresher to me. The full fat version makes my teeth itch. You can’t beat a large glass of diet coke with lots of ice and a slice of lime on a warm day.

coca cola

We sat down to a varied dinner, which it quite often is as some of us eat earlier in the day and Dad is a meat and two veg kinda man. We had a choice of beef in Guinness casserole and baked potatoes or hummus with cucumber sticks and pitta bread.

dinner time

Dad even found the Coca Cola glasses out, we don’t do things by halves in this family.

diet cherry coke

Littlebit got to have a taste of Granny’s plain Diet Coke, a VERY rare occurrence. She wasn’t keen, which I’m really pleased about. She can start having fizzy drinks as a treat when she’s five years old. I don’t know why five, but that just seems a much more sensible age than two and I’m guessing that by that age she’ll be going to lots of birthday parties where fizzy drinks are available as a treat.

toddler tasting coke

My Dad did his usual trick of scraping the plate clean. This happens EVERY Monday and never fails to raise a comment or two. Part of the fun of Monday nights is the fact he has his five “girls” surrounding him, and teasing him!


Then to dessert, the most important part of the meal of course…



Sophie, my eldest niece, will be leaving us in October to start her year out, Monday nights won’t be the same! We will make damned sure we make the most of the Monday nights she’s home again though. Sophie opted for a chocolate doughnut washed down with Diet Cherry Coke. Littlebit is tucking into one of her home baked cookies in the picture above too. Yummy!

chocolate doughnut

After dinner, despite his caffeine intake from the Diet Coke AND a chocolate doughnut, Dad could be found asleep on the sofa as usual. Bless him!

sleeping dad

Family time is so important to our family. I consider my step family, and the in-laws (not featured) in the same way as the rest of my family and am honoured that my two teenage nieces want to spend their Monday evenings with us.

“Family isn’t whose blood you carry, it’s who you love and who loves you.” ― Jackie Chan, The Spy Next Door

This Monday was made special for our family by “Sharing a Diet Coke”. Thanks Collective Bias®.

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  1. Granddad Ern

    Oh dear, oh dear… I wish she’d told me the world was going to see it! I’d have changed my jumper!!

  2. MelkshamMum

    So lovely to see a family socialising and enjoying each others company. My family and the in laws are all miles away so this would be a very rare treat for us. Mmm, also I forgot how I used to love cherry coke!

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