The Gallery: Dads

Dads. Aren’t they amazing?

This weeks The Gallery prompt is “Dads”. The photo below is Littlebit and her Daddy and her Daddy’s Dad (her Grandad). On Sunday we spent lunchtime with both the Dads in our lives, mine and hubs. The two families get on really well so it was lovely to get them all together.


I’m really grateful for this fact and that Littlbit has two sets of so very supportive and engaged Grandparents. She’s a very lucky girl, as are we to have them too.

Littlebit is also very lucky to have the Daddy that she has. He’s not around much in the week, due to the demands of work, but at the weekend he is all hers. He is her superhero and she absolutely adores him and him her. He ALWAYS has what is best for her (and me) at the forefront of everything he does. We couldn’t ask for more.


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  1. Suzanne

    What a lovely post. Father’s Day is such a great time to reflect on the blessings we have. The father/daughter relationship is a very special one which will never be replaced. x

  2. Notmyyearoff

    Wonderful photo of all the Dads – its lovely to read both her grandparents are very much engaged. My son has that too and its hectic but really worth it.

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