The Gallery: Green

On Sunday I published a Silent Sunday photo of my gorgeous silk pink Converse boots.


Rightly so a couple of people commented that they were not wellies 😉 though a girl does need to wear something other than wellies sometimes you know!

So, this got me to thinking about the 3 pairs of pink wellies and 1 pair of yellow (I know, I know, I’m not sticking to my brand!) wellies that I have and wondering if I need any more. I decided that I definitely did as 1 pair of my pink wellies are past repair and need chucking so I did some Googling and look what I found…


Converse-esque pink wellies. They arrived this morning. I LOVE them.

They’re a bit of a con really as the laces are standard white laces so I wouldn’t dare wear them as your normal run of the mill wellies; out on a muddy walk, to dig the borders in or for splashing in muddy puddles. They will only be able to be used on fresh, dry, grass. Much like the green grass of my back garden where I took this photo. But don’t they look great against the green, green grass and the lime green lining is the icing on the cake. Bring on the summer walks over the green fields.

This is my entry to Sticky Fingers The Gallery this week.


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