And the royal baby is called…


Poor Kate is overdue. In this heat. That can’t be pleasant. I only got to 30 weeks and that was hard enough in the one week of heat we have in 2010.

It sounds like the Queen is just as keen for the baby to arrive too, quote from CNN Baby Royal Watch. On a visit to northern England Wednesday, she was asked by a little girl whether she wants her great-grandchild to be a boy or a girl. The queen replied: “I don’t think I mind. I would very much like it to arrive. I’m going on holiday.”

Are you on royal baby watch like a lot of the nation? I am. I’m excited about the birth of this baby. I didn’t think I would be. What makes this baby so special?

But, nevertheless, I am buying into the Royal Baby Watch news sites and joining in with the speculation on the new baby’s name. Do you think they’ll go traditional? Do you think they should?

I, for one, hope they name her Alexandra. Catherine, with a daughter called Alexandra. Sounds awfully nice to me :)

I wish her a happy and stress free birth and a wonderful first few days and weeks with her precious bundle.

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