Floating Boats, Sinking Ships 3

Once again I’m joining in with Keep up with the Jones family Floating Boats, Sinking Ships linky, this is a linky where you can share all the good and not-so wonderful things in your life this week.

Floating boats…

  • my wonderful Mum and her love for my girl

Granny and Grandaughter

  • her husband, my step Dad and the only real Dad I’ve ever known and whom I love dearly


  • time with my Mum, just me and her, a shopping day in my local city of Leicester, facilitated by Littlebit’s other Grandparents. 
  • snatched couple time, if even just 10 minutes while my nieces took Littlebit to feed the ducks

couple time

  • this beautiful weather meaning every day is spent outdoors
  • a day out with the in-laws, to Wicksteed Park. Fun on the rides, a picnic, then a cool down in the garden which ended with a water fight between mother and son

Grandma and Grandaughter

  • bubble fun in the sun

bubble fun in the sun

  • air conditioned soft play places
  • home made lemonade
  • a day with my oldest friend
  • more and more water play to keep cool in this heat wave
  • that we have clean water, not only to drink, but to play in

Sinking ships…

  • I know I shouldn’t complain but it is just too darn hot. I don’t like it. Littlebit doesn’t like it. We look like this a lot of the time when it’s so very hot!

grumpy face

  • the stupid air conditioning unit we forked out for, which hasn’t lived up to it’s expectations and has to be returned today!
  • my stomach issues, which despite numerous tests that don’t seem to find anything, is getting more and more frequent. I’m thinking it might be IBS but we’ll see what the next round of appointments and tests bring
  • learning to expect nothing and finding it hard to tune out the idiots in my life

Keep Up With The Jones Family

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  1. Sara-Jayne

    Thank you for linking up… So sorry about your ships this week :( There are things indeed that are sent to try us :( I love the bubbles though, and the photos of Littlebit!…and you are so right about the water (no matter how high my new metered bill is!) If you need a rant, I’m here anytime to listen! :)

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