Floating boats, sinking ships

Today I am joining in with Keep up with The Jones Family new linky “Floating Boats, Sinking Ships”. This is a fab new weekly linky where you can share how your week has been… what floated your boat, or sank your ship?

Here’s our week in Instagram pics…

instagram collage

Floating boats…

  • Having such a supportive family who allow me child free time to get my work and jobs around the house done, even if only for a few hours. Like on Monday when my Mum took Littlebit to her Monday Jo Jingles class so I could get a couple of hours work in so we could then have a girlie afternoon (though see the sinking ship below).
  • The start of our hallway decoration project when the Father-in-Law showed up unexpectedly to start stripping the wallpaper and getting it ready for redecoration. We have the fab new storage thanks to Rated People we just need to smarten the rest up now.
  • A lovely, LOVELY afternoon at our local garden centre which serves yummy coffee and has a small soft play area where the kids can go wild with Beadzoid and Babyzoid.
  • Spending Friday afternoon with my oldest friend Jenny. Just hanging out and putting the world to rights.
  • A wonderful weekend celebrating the marriage of my dear University friend Pauline and her lovely man Richard. Seeing her so very happy and sharing in their special day topped off a great week. An added bonus was that for the whole weekend I felt well, when I had felt so ill all week. We got to spend Saturday with them celebrating, showing off our beautiful girl and watching love in action and then Littlebit was collected at 6pm by her Granny and Grandad (amazing people) so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend child free and have some quality couple time.
  • A fab weekend topped off by a late lunch at Yo! Sushi, our favourite place to eat, with our besties before picking Littlebit up from her other Grandparents who had taken over for the afternoon (again, so grateful for their support) and a quiet evening at home.

p and r wedding


Sinking ships…

  • What should have been a nice shopping afternoon with my Mum and Littlebit on Monday turned into the shopping trip from hell. I felt really rough with my tummy issues and Littlebit decided to be a complete brat for the afternoon (more on this later in the week I’m going to have to blog my way through this “terrible two” stage I think). The tantrums resulted in her being frog marched back to Granny’s car where we sat and waited in the baking hot sun for Granny to finish her shopping. Not exactly the nice girlie afternoon we had planned.
  • The final realisation this week, and it’s been a very long time coming, that no matter how many chances you give some people to put something right, and despite how many times they say they will, there is no changing them. Some people only think about themselves and we don’t need people like that in our lives. Lesson learnt!
  • Trying to get my girl to smile on her class photo at Play School. She is the smiliest of children usually but not when asked to, haha!
  • Saying farewell to my cleaner as she goes on maternity leave (sinking ship) but celebrating the imminent birth of her 3rd child by eating cake and drinking coffee and giving gifts (floating boat).

So how’s your week been? Do link up if you can.

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  1. Beadzoid

    Gorgeous photos (what a beautiful bride), and I concur. A lovely, lovely, LOOOOOOOVELY 😉 afternoon at the garden centre. Our girls love playing together. They’re so funny to watch. I still can’t believe that woman in the queue – especially when Littlebit fell and hit her head and she didn’t even ask if she was okay. Some people!!!!!

    Also crap that your tummy issues are still playing up. No fun AT ALL! xX

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