Her first sports day – A Day in the Life of Littlebit

Yesterday was Littlebit’s first ever sports day. Yep, you read that right. At the age of two she’s already competing in a sports day.

I had been stupidly excited about this day. The weather was with us, and although overcast the rain stayed away. To add to my excitement Daddypinkwellies had managed to get the day working from home so he could come along too, he’d not yet been to play school at all so I was really excited to show him the place and the people with whom Littlebit spends 2 mornings a week.

They’d been practising the “sports” for the last couple of weeks and clearly the egg and spoon race was Littlebit’s favourite. She re-enacted it at home with a toy spoon and egg almost every afternoon. They’d even been doing crafts related to sports day, bringing home a glittery inner kitchen roll the other day and telling me it was a “button”. I eventually discovered it was a baton, to be used in a relay race. Of course, silly Mama!

I was never a sporty child, although I was quite good at the sprint on the track. I’m pretty sure the reason for this is that it’s a short sharp burst, I’ve never had any stamina. I was really pleased to see that Littlebit was massively excited about her sports day though so I was hoping she’d inherited her Daddy’s sporty demeanour. He’s one of those people that can pick up a bat / racket / ball / club and just do really well at whatever sport he’s playing. Unlike me! I’m also very, VERY clumsy and Littlebit has inherited this trait so I was interested to see how she did in a group sporty session. I was just waiting for her to go headlong into the finish line, on her backside! But…

She. Was. Fab!

The sports day was held on the field in front of the scout hut where play school is held. It was set for an hour before they normally finish so we just had to turn up early and take a seat on the side lines.

It was sooo cute seeing all the littlies parade out in their colour teams (complete with coloured sashes) . They all looked so proud and not one of them made a dash for Mum or Dad. Three line whip from the staff obviously, haha!

sports day 1

There were about 6 children in each team with a variety of ages in each. Littlebit is one of the younger ones so I thought that was a good idea. The littler ones also received much more “help” with their activities. It made me laugh when it came to the sack race as Littlebit was grabbed by two members of staff, one each side and helped to “jump” about 3ft in the air each jump to the finish line. Bless her!

There were a number of races: a relay with a teddy bear as a baton (Littlebit’s team had George a la Peppa Pig fame), a bean bag balancing race, the sack race, the egg and spoon race, a simple running race, and a parent race – Daddypinkwellies and I both competed, in the same team and against Beadzoid. Neither of our teams won, but Beadzoid’s team did come last. A fact I didn’t point out twice whilst there and on Facebook when home, hahaha! Sorry Beadzoid.

It wasn’t about the winning though. There were no prizes awarded, no stickers even for taking part, just the fun of participating.

Littlebit clearly enjoyed it all, beaming at us across the field from behind her two fingers, they hardly ever come out of her mouth when she’s there and not engaged in something that involves both of her hands. I don’t know if it’s a comfort thing or what? They were in pretty much permanently for the sports day too!

After an hour of fun and frolics we were done and cups of water and ice pops were served to the children.

We returned home as proud parents of a funny sporty two year old.

I really do hope she has Daddypinkwellies genes on this one and manages to be good at, and more importantly enjoy, sports!

sports day 2

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