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me and my grandpa

This old photo is me and my beloved Grandpa. He died when I was in my teens. I miss him. He was an awesome Grandpa. I have so many fond memories of him:

  • playing with my farm toys
  • teaching me to play cards
  • collecting stamps with him
  • teaching me about wildlife and birds
  • playing in the garden with him, being sprayed with the hose till I was freezing cold on a hot day like today
  • driving him mad with the amount of toilet paper I’d use (I still do that now Grandpa)
  • staying up late to watch quiz shows with him
  • sitting down every week to watch The Krypton Factor with him
  • cheese and cracker late night snacks once my Granny was in bed. Grandpa would sneak into my room and tell me to creep down past their bedroom and we’d sit in the dark in the front room with only the flickering from whichever detective program was on the telly for light
  • travelling around in the boot of his A reg Escort Estate car, before it was a legal requirement to wear seat belts
  • fun on the back of his bike
  • being given an acidic apple if I had a poorly tummy, it always sorted it out and if I kept that down he’d follow it up with a round toffee from the Quality Street box. Random!
  • days trips
  • jigsaws and puzzles and piano playing

Such very happy memories. I miss you Grandpa!

Littlebit is so lucky to have two Grandads, each providing her with completely unique memories themselves.

IMG_2184Littlebit and her maternal Grandad

paternal grandadLittlebit and her paternal Grandad

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