Wot so funee? Pee in a saucepan

Wot So Funee?

Kids truly do do some funny things and now Littlebit’s vocabulary is growing she’s coming out with some corkers. She’s also entering the much dreaded terrible twos phase where she’s stamping her authority, and her feet, trying to become independent and tantruming like a good ‘un.

She’s now fully potty trained, in fact she was in a matter of days, and when we’re at home and downstairs she uses a potty in the living room. She helps herself to it whenever she needs it. When we’re upstairs she used the toilet, but downstairs it’s the potty.

A few days ago she was pottering about playing in her toy kitchen while I was sat in my rocking chair catching up on some emails. Where I’m sat I can always see her, without even needing to look up. I don’t think she’s caught onto this yet and thinks I need to be looking directly at her to “see” her.

I watched her pull her trousers and pants down and go to sit on the potty as usual, passing a play saucepan on her way. I saw a glimmer of an idea cross her face, I saw her weigh it up, look if I was watching and then move from the potty to squat over the saucepan and wee into that instead. Her “flow” stopped when I told her to stop what she was doing immediately and go and wee on the potty where the wee belongs. It only stopped for long enough for her to give me “that” look of defiance that she does so well before it started again and half filled the saucepan. Not a drop on the floor, every bit in the saucepan. Though the flushable wipe was still thrown into the potty.


I told her she would need to pick it up and help me carry it upstairs to put it down the toilet before helping me to wash it up and that she must never, ever do it again – we only wee in the potty or the toilet.

She then proceeded to carry it everso carefully to her kitchen, again not a drop was spilled, put it on the toy hob, make bubbling noises and announce a few seconds later…

“Your dinner’s ready Mama. It’s wee wee soup!”

How could I not laugh?



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  1. Cathie B

    Wee Wee soup – love it. This has me really giggling. I especially loved the bit when the idea ‘appeared’ on her face to wee in the saucepan. Fab post xx

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