A big girl bed… magic moments

So, last week my big girl moved from her IKEA cot to a big girl bed, well a junior bed anyway. She’s probably been ready for this for way longer than I’d like to admit. I didn’t like the thought that she’d be able to get up and play with her toys wreak havoc while the rest of the house sleeps though so I’d been putting it off.


But now, she has a brand new place to sleep and she loves it. We also bought her a Gro Clock and this has worked a treat. It comes with it’s own little story book that explains in simple terms set around a farmyard that when the sun is up it’s time to play but when the stars are out it’s time to sleep.

Each morning, if she wakes before the sun is up (which is set for 8am) she waits, chattering away to herself. When the sun rises at 8am she’ll shout from her room “Mama the sun is up, can I get out of bed and play”. She even asks if she can get up. It’s brilliant! I don’t know what I was worried about.

She has a little place to play and a place to sit and read and relax.

relax and play

And most of all her room is safe. We have tidied the cables into neat little boxes, attached the heavy furniture to the wall, added a hook to her blinds so we can hook the dangerous cord away when not in use, found the key for the window which now stays locked with the key on a high shelf out of reach, put covers into the unused socket and made sure the stair gate is secured on her door. She has her own little safe place to play.

Make it safe

This is a magic moment because it’s one more step to her growing up.

First night, fast asleep in her big girl bed (sorry for the blur but I had to take it with no flash so as not to wake her)!

asleep in a big girl bed

First morning after a good nights sleep in her new bed. Happy Littlebit. Happy Mama.

the morning after the first night

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  1. Erica Price

    It’s a lovely room and it’s nice that it’s safe to play in. I am in awe of the 8am sleeping time. I thought I’d cracked it when we got it down to 6am.

  2. Sarah MumofThreeWorld

    Lovely post! Her room is beautiful. Would you believe my daughter is 7 and still doesn’t get out of bed without calling me? I noticed with all my kids when they moved up that they didn’t actually realise at first that they could get out of bed!

  3. Rebecca Ford

    Lovely room and glad you posted this. I was thinking of putting Reuben in a big bed today as all his friends (same age) have been in a bed for months! I’m just worried about whether he will sleep in it without getting out, etc. He currently goes bed fine and has never tried to climb out his cot. Only downside in cot is he moves so much he gets his arms-legs caught in bars which then wakes him up! What to do??

  4. mummypinkwellies

    I didn’t give into peer pressure when most of Littlebit’s friends were moving to their big beds (a lot did it around 2 years old) as I didn’t think she was ready. I’m glad I waited until I knew it was the right time as I’m sure it’s made it easier. It’s amazing how she doesn’t get out until I tell her too, hopefully Reuben will be the same. I hear a lot of people with similar stories :) Good luck x

  5. sadie quinton

    I only moved my son 2.5yrs into a toddler bed recently as he was ready, just I wasn’t but it was because he is the last of my babies and I wanted to keep him that way.
    The room looks lovely and I love that you have made it all safe too, she looks very happy in her new room.

  6. Colette

    Her bedroom looks gorgeous :)
    I think most children seem to take to their beds better than we ever expect them to! I was sure Chloe would be a right monkey – especially as she shares with her big brother!
    Glad it went well for you :)

  7. AtoZ Mummy

    Aww what a lovely post! We are also big Gro Clock fans in this house and each morning we wake to the sound of “Mummy, the sun is HEREEEEEEEEEEE”!

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