Autumn Bucket List

autumn bucket list.

If you saw yesterday’s post you’ll have seen we have some carry overs from our Summer Bucket List. Hey, we had a very busy summer and just didn’t manage to fit it all in, hence we have an Autumn Bucket List.

  • Go on an Autumn picnic – I’m thinking tomato soup in a Thermos and crumbly Cheshire cheese sandwiches.
  • Take Littlebit bowling for the first time.
  • Build a den under the dining table on a wet and rainy day.
  • Get Littlebit to help me bake a wholesome home cooked Autumny pudding once a week. I’m thinking baked apples, blackberry and apple crumble, pumpkin pie, cherry pie. Om nom nom.
  • Go “eyebombing“ in the Autumn vegetable aisle at the local supermarket.
  • Tidy up our vegetable plots ready for the winter and plant some daffodil bulbs for spring.
  • Make a thankful tree.
  • Throw a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.
  • Throw a bonfire night party for the Beadzoid family.
  • Jump in LOTS of muddy puddles.
  • Crunch through Autumn leaves in a forest.
  • Go on a mini beast hunt.
  • Collect conkers.
  • Collect some fallen Autumn leaves and make leaf art.
  • Make lots of homemade soup.
  • Make S’mores over a real fire.
  • Have a movie night, let Littlebit stay up late snuggled under a blanket drinking hot chocolate.
  • Make an Autumn Jar full of fallen Autumnal pickings.
  • Take a drive just to look at all the colours of the leaves.
  • Have a pyjama Saturday with Daddy.
  • Go to a Harvest Festival.
  • Make a fairy house out of the tree stump in the back garden.

 we love autumn

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