Goodbye Summer

So, thus ends summer 2013. Littlebit is back at Play School after returning from our end of the summer holiday at the weekend and we’re back into the routine already.

I thought it would be good to use today to look back at the summer that was. So, future Littlebit, if you’re reading this here is how we filled summer 2013.

We visited Oak Farm Park with your bestie Babyzoid, you two had great fun in the sandpit and on the slide, we barely got a chance to see any animals.

We went to Mike the Knight’s house, aka Warwick Castle with Daddy for the day, you were happy to sit and watch Mike on the sidelines.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Babyzoid and Beadzoid at Stoney Cove where you two pretended you were divers and then we all came home and played in the garden for hours.

We visited Wicksteed Park with Grandma, Grandad and Daddy, you loved going on the roundabout with Grandma.

Auntie Karen came to stay, all the way from Qatar. You enjoyed doing jigsaws and playing games with her.

picnicsWe went on picnics, oh so many picnics. You loved helping me pull our new Radio Flyer Wagon from Folly Home full of all the picnic gear and once we were all full and the food was depleted you could ride back in the wagon.

2We went to Mr Bloom’s allotment at his Big Day Out. You were transfixed by Alex, from CBeebies, on the stage. As was I! You danced your way around the entire field to all the CBeebies music that was playing all day.

We held a tea party for some old ladies. You helped me bake the scones.

We drove to Trentham Garden to surprise your Great Nana who thought she was on a shopping trip with Auntie Janet. We had a lovely lunch with them and a bit of a shop and then a coffee before heading home.

We took Granny to Hatton Country World and had a great, if hot, day out there on a blogger review trip.

3When the rain came that didn’t stop us. We put our waterproofs on and went out anyway. You enjoyed hunting for the Crazy Bears and splashing in muddy puddles just like Peppa Pig.

One day we took the train that Daddy takes every day, with Grandma and Grandad to visit Daddy at his work. We took him for lunch at Carluccio’s and then he went back to work while the rest of us went to the Sealife Centre, you didn’t like it much there and got bored very quickly. You loved going back to Daddy’s office at the end of the day and helping him work though.

4We played some crazy golf, your first time, at Bosworth Water Park. You liked just rolling the ball with your hands, or kicking it into the hole.

We went to the National Play Day celebrations in the town, with Granny. You and her enjoyed playing in the sand, in the mud, in the sawdust and the playdoh and making a craft item. Then we went to “your church”, the church in town to hunt for Squirrel Nutkin and have a snack and a drink.

Granny and I took you to Kingsbury Water Park where you played for ages in the park, we had a picnic in the rain and you rode on a donkey for the first time ever.

You visited Warwick Park twice. Once with me and Grandma and Grandad and once with Grandma, Grandad and your cousin Katie. You went on the rides, had an ice cream and went in the paddling pool with Katie.

5Mama won tickets to Lollibop Festival in London, so you, me, Daddy and Auntie Amy took a trip on a train (we had a picnic breakfast on the train), then a walk, then another train to the Olympic Park. You loved watching Dick and Dom, Hello Kitty, Alex (again) and Justin and making lots of craft items. It was a very long day and we were all exhausted by the end of the day.

That same weekend we went to the re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth. You wore a Princess hat and we stumbled upon your bestie Babyzoid who was dressed as a Knight with a shield and sword. You enjoyed watching the King and the horses but really didn’t like the loud bangs when the cannons were fired.

gardenYou played in the garden, LOTS. We had friends over for play dates, you and I played out there a few days each week and you played out there with Daddy at weekends too. You loved playing in the water the best and tending to your little vegetable patch. You especially enjoyed eating the strawberries we had grown.


We went on our second blogger day out to Hicks Lodge with Granny and Beadzoid and Babyzoid, along with Erica and Henry from 92three30 and Jaime and Joshua from The Oliver’s Madhouse. You loved the scavenger hunt and mini beast hunt though you weren’t so keen on the bike ride, trying to stage an escape every time my back was turned (which was most of the time!)

6You moved from your cot to a big girl bed this summer. As always you took to it like a duck to water. You’re such a big girl now.

Daddy took us to the zoo one evening when they were open late. You loved watching the monkeys and bouncing on the bouncy castle. You weren’t too keen on the dinosaurs though.

You hated Titan the Robot when we saw him in town. You clung so tightly to me it pinched. He squirted water from his eyes at you and you cried. You told everyone the robot didn’t like you as “he spitted water at me”. You still ask if the robot is coming to get you now. Traumatised toddler = Mama fail!

We went with Granny to Henley-in-Arden where she had a charity gig on. We found a park and had a play and a walk, then had lunch with them all. When they got down to the business you and I went outside and sat in the church yard in the sun while they did the business. You thought you’d found Ben

& Holly’s house, it was a meter cupboard! Then we went for a famous Henley Ice Cream at the parlour.

We took up Geocaching, or treasure hunting as you know it. Doing some of the local caches.

You had your first ever trip to the cinema, to see Despicable Me 2. You were a bit unsure when the lights went out and the sound was a little loud for you but you enjoyed it once you’d settled. I can see lots more cinema trips in our future. Apparently it’s all you’ve talked about at Play School!

holidayWe ended the summer with a fantastic holiday to Maldon, Essex with your Grandma and Grandad. We couldn’t have asked for a better week. During the week we:

  • hunted for The Gruffalo
  • chilled out in the hot tub
  • you went swimming with Grandma EVERY day
  • had a posh 3 course Sunday lunch at the golf club where you found that you loved whitebait
  • went down the longest pier in the world on a rickety old train and met Pudsey bear at the end of the pier
  • ate fish and chips on the beach
  • tried, and failed, to win a Minion in one of the amusement arcades. You really didn’t like the “grabby hand”.
  • visited 3 beaches and built sandcastles and paddled in the sea
  • went on an 8 mile bike ride with Grandma and Grandad
  • visited a farm with Daddy, Grandma and Grandad while Mama had a shopping day in Chelmsford
  • played in the water and on the pirate ship at Promenade Park
  • drove across a causeway just after high tide

What a lot we did! Thank you for an amazing summer Littlebit and here’s to a brilliant Autumn.

silent sunday

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  1. Christina E (@Beadzoid)

    Wow, what an amazing and fun-packed summer – and we were very happy and honoured to have spent some of it with you. :) Some amazing memories. Have to say I absolutely love the picture of Littlebit on her Daddy’s lap in his office. ‘Alive’ – full of life and joy :) Awesome!!! xXx

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