Walkers Mighty Lights: Review

With our holiday coming up I was really happy to receive a surprise parcel in the post from Walkers last week. It contained 18 packets of their new Walkers Mighty Lights crisps to review.

Walkers Mighty Lights

Billed as “The lighter crisp with a mighty bite” this brand new range of ridged crisps from Walkers offers a healthier crisp option, with 30% less fat. Thus, they’re perfect for school lunch boxes…. OR for a hungry family enjoying lots of fresh air on their holidays whilst trying to watch what they eat! Hence we packed them into our food boxes for our self catering holiday with the Grandparents this week to test them out.

I’m pleased to say we liked them! All of us, as you can see, but especially Littlebit, so they’ll be a welcome addition to her lunch boxes when she returns to play school next week.

PJ crisps

We ate them as a late night snack in our PJ’s, with a sandwich lunch and even in the hot tub, shhhhh don’t tell the holiday park (we made sure there were no crumbs)!

hot tub crisps

hot tub crisps 2

hot tub crisps 3

The contents of school lunch boxes seems to be causing a bit of a media frenzy at the moment. At Littlebit’s play school they have a “no crisps, no sweets and no chocolate” rule, though they don’t push it too much as I know many children still take those kinds of items in (including Littlebit sometimes) It is however there as a recommendation.

Littlebit’s lunch box usually contains a sandwich made on 50/50 bread or a tortilla wrap, half a packet of crisps of some sort, maybe a chunk of cheese and some tomatoes, loads of fruit and a treat – sometimes a little cake or a biscuit. I think that’s a pretty balanced lunch. There’s never too much of any one thing, other than fruit maybe, that girl loves her fruit!

Littlebit’s lunch boxes usually look something like this…

lunch boxes

Personally I think there’s a place for things like crisps in kids’ lunch boxes. Not every day, and certainly not a whole packet for a toddler mainly because of the salt content, but there is a place for them to add variety and something else savoury to the lunch.

When we’re at home Littlebit tends to have a much more varied lunch menu, things like hummus with pitta bread, home made pitta pizzas, pasta or jacket potato. But for lunch boxes, where the kids’ are on a time schedule and need to be able to eat themselves with little or no help and without creating too much mess for the staff to clear up after, it needs to be simple and easy to eat, but varied. These crisps are made from real potato with no artificial colours or preservatives and no MSG – and they’re a source of fibre, so they’re perfect for little lunches. And perfect for adults who are trying to watch their weight too!

Whether you choose a packet of Cheese & Onion, Lightly Salted or Roast Chicken flavour, pack a tasty punch with a bag of Walkers Mighty Lights in your kids’ lunchbox! I just hope they bring out Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail flavours soon as they’re my favourites.

All 3 flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide.

This is a review post. We were supplied with 18 packets of Walkers Mights Lights for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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