We don’t do Halloween

No thanks trick or treaters

We don’t do Halloween, but nevertheless there was an invitation to play waiting for Littlebit on her return from Play School one day this week.

Invitation to play

I’ve never “done” Halloween. Having been brought up a Christian, spending every Sunday of my childhood at church, twice most Sundays, it was just something we didn’t do, it didn’t register on my radar until secondary school if I remember rightly and by then I’d formed my own opinions about it anyway.

I no longer go to church, though I do still believe, but I still don’t “do” Halloween and neither will Littlebit while I have my say.

I simply don’t believe in it. I mean, the whole idea of Halloween is a celebration of dead spirits and evil things. I’m just not into that! I think it’s a load of hype and a way for companies to make money out of tacky plastic tat, commercialism at its finest in my eyes.

I also despise the “glorified begging” that is trick or treating. What other event sees strangers knocking on peoples doors and asking to be given sweets or some other treats? It’s a horrible idea.

Having worked for a time at Age Concern (now Age UK) I remember just how terrified some older folk can get around Halloween, fearful of people knocking at the door and causing havoc for them if they don’t “treat”. The fact that Age UK have a page entitled “How to survive Halloween” says it all to me.

I just hate it and everything it stands for. Call me boring, I don’t care! Each to their own I guess.

However, now Littlebit is getting older I don’t want her to miss out on the whole experience. We do lots in the Autumn anyway, with our Autumn decorations, Bonfire night (this year we’ll be spending it with the Beadzoids) and Thanksgiving, but I love the idea of carving / decorating pumpkins. So I decided this was the year to start the tradition.

On Saturday we visited a local pumpkin patch and this week I let Littlebit loose with the glue, glitter, sequins and crafty bits. We had a couple of hours (yep, she really did decorate that pumpkin for 2 hours all in) of really good fun.

Getting stuck in

Decorating a pumpkin

Washing up

The finished pumpkinLittlebit’s finished pumpkin. Next year maybe we’ll move to carving the pumpkin, but this year I didn’t think it wise to let her lose with sharp objects! Daddypinkwellies and I will be carving our first pumpkins one evening when Littlebit is safe in bed though. I’ll let you know how we get on.


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  1. Charlotte

    When I was really young, my parents were new to Canada and so to Halloween (I guess it wasn’t really done in England in the 70s) so we were allowed to go Trick or Treating but we always had to hand over our candy for inspection in case someone had contaminated it (there was a story which may or may not have been an urban legend about someone finding a razor blade in an apple)

    Then we started to go to a church that was very anti Halloween saying it was evil so we weren’t allowed to go Trick or Treating anymore. But they did hold a massive “Halllelujah Party” (twee name I know but the equivalent of “Light Parties” that lots of churches here run) The only condition was that we had to dress up like something (anything) from the bible but then we could go to a safe place and play games and have a really fun night where we got safe candy from the church and prizes for best costume. So it was the best of both worlds – as kids we got to dress up, have candy and have fun, but the adults knew we were safe.

    These days, I don’t do anything about Halloween but that’s just because I find it creepy. I have no desire to “decorate” my house with skeletons and ghouls *shudder*. But then one of my sisters in Canada loves it so much that they spend months creating massive decorations that are animated and all sorts of things. Each to their own I guess!

    (And if you get this twice, apologies but it crashed on me the first time so feel free to delete one!)

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  3. Lou's Lake Views

    I never did Halloween in England, I lived in an area with a high elderly population so I wouldn’t dream of allowing the boys to go out trick or treating as it did feel threatening. Here in Canada though it is totally different, it feels more fun and more innocent some how. Right or wrong? i don’t know!

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