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How did we get to the second Sunday of Advent already? I can’t believe that’s tomorrow.

Christmas for us this year is going to be a bit more relaxed than the last few years. Mainly because we’re not hosting Christmas lunch this year. The last 3 years we have hosted lunch for 8 to 13 people plus supper and Boxing Day some years too. As much as I adore to entertain and cook for people it did mean that those years I was focussing more on the kitchen than on my girl. This year I just want to be able to play with her so we’ll be at my Mum’s for our Christmas meal. We’ll still be having plenty of visitors in the lead up, around and on the day though so there’s plenty of Christmas cooking to be done.

kids Christmas treeLittlebit totally “gets” Christmas this year. We put our decorations up on the 1st December and she ooohed and ahhhed like a good ‘un when she looked around the finished decorations. She’s got her own Christmas tree this year, brought by her Elf on the Shelf Elden so she was very excited to help decorate it and I hear her most mornings talking to herself about her pretty pink Christmas tree.

Tinkerbell tree topperThere are little touches around the rest of the house too that are especially for her, like our Tinkerbell tree topper and her train advent calendar.

I’ve had great fun decorating our new hallway this year too. None of the decorations we had would complement the grey and yellow colour scheme so I managed to pick up this lovely reindeer from Asda and some plain white Christmas trees to stand either side. The light up wreath and bannister lights we already had.

hallway Christmas decorations


Another addition to our decorations this year is the fab glass tree jar that’s sitting in the kitchen filled with Christmas sweets. I’d seen these online last year and managed to bag one in the January sales at the beginning of the year for £15 (instead of the £40 they were retailing at in the lead up to last Christmas).

nativityWe talk a lot about the real reason behind Christmas and use my much loved Willow Tree Nativity set to talk about the story. Littlebit has a number of Christmas books in her room which we read before bed, some of which are the Nativity story in various guises. We try hard to remember “the reason for the season”.

Tomorrow we will be having breakfast with Santa at a local garden centre. We did their event with the Easter bunny and were so impressed we immediately booked in for Christmas. We will enjoy a full cooked English breakfast, a Christmas party with dancing and games and then get to meet the man himself and choose a gift. Elden will be arriving with an invitation for this in the morning. Excited is an understatement! I can’t wait to see her face.

We’ll be heading into the village later on in the month for the traditional carols around the tree with all of the family too. I love this night, it’s laid on by the parish church and everyone is welcome to gather around the large tree in the centre of the village to sing carols while drinking mulled wine to keep warm. Everyone then piles into the church afterwards for a mince pie and another warm drink. It’s just lovely!

Of course Elden has been visiting every day (I post a photo of where he’s flown back to every day) and will continue to do so right up until Christmas eve when he’ll arrive with Littlebit’s Christmas Eve hamper. This year this is set to contain:

  • Christmassy pjs for all of us
  • A Christmas DVD – Ben & Holly this time
  • Popcorn and sweets to eat whilst watching the movie
  • Hot chocolate and snowman marshmallows
  • A story book to read before bed time (this will actually be the same one as last year – The Night Before Christmas which contains a lovely CD to listen to as you read)
  • A magic key to leave for Santa as we don’t have a chimney for him to come down
  • Some reindeer food to sprinkle outside

On Christmas eve just before bed we will put out the “Santa please stop here” sign, leave the magic key by the front door, sprinkle the reindeer food, say goodbye to Elden until next year and leave a glass of milk and some cookies for Santa.

Then on Boxing Day everyone will pile here for lunch, a walk on the common and fun and games. So that’s our Christmas. How’s yours looking.

Christmas countdown


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  1. Louise

    Love your Christmas decorations especially the Christmas tree jar. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Christmastime. x

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