The Gallery: Christmas Tree

christmas tree

In a past life, aka my first marriage, I had 3 Christmas trees. All were expensive, all were perfect, all were not allowed to be touched once they were up as they bore pricey, delicate and intricate decorations.

When I remarried, my favourite of these three trees came with me to our new home but it just wasn’t the same. I looked at it and resented the twee, properness it represented. Things I had kidded myself I was, and the tree had become an extension of that.

With my now husband, my one, I am just me. There is no fakery. There is no price tag. There is just fun and love. The tree we have, I think, represents that.

It wasn’t expensive. The decorations are mostly from Wilkinsons. It’s colourful and child friendly. It brightens our living room.

I love our tree. I love our life.

christmas tree

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  1. Christina E

    I hadn’t noticed the Tinkerbell at the top of the tree! You home is lovely, and the fairy lights everywhere – love it!

    Former lives are one part of making us who we are. I don’t normally do blullshit inspirational quotes but one I read recently really struck home:

    Your second life begins when you realise you only have one life.

    True dat. x x

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