Our perfect day at Center Parcs

This months Family Blog Club challenge is to describe your family’s perfect day at Center Parcs. With our short break descending on us fast (yay!) this is a good opportunity to get some planning in.

January center parcs

So what makes our perfect holiday? Well, first and foremost spending time with my family. Just being together in each others company. Playing together. Eating together. Being together. Do you know what, that, just that is my perfect holiday!

However, as we’ll be going to fantastic facility with lots and lots to do we can add to the above with a couple of activities, a good walk in the fresh air and a nice place to eat and it just keeps getting better and better and more perfect, if that’s possible.

For inspiration for which activities and restaurants to book we watched the family videos over on the Center Parcs website. We got ideas from them all but I especially like the ‘Three Generations. One Family.’ one as that’s what we’ll be on this break.

We all love to be outdoors and I’m very much looking forward to being right in the middle of nature. I’ve heard lovely stories of people staying at Center Parcs and waking up in the morning to wildlife right on their doorstep. Littlebit loves all animals, but especially forest dwellers, as you can see from our competition entry that gained us our Center Parcs family blogger status.

Whilst we’re at Elveden village we decided we want to do an activity that the whole family can do together (including the grandparents), so we have booked for all of us to choose a piece of pottery from a huge selection and paint it with our own designs. The pots will then be professionally glazed and fired overnight for us to take away. Not only a fun activity for us all but one that creates a memory we can take home with us to remind us of our stay. The activity is suitable for all ages and abilities. From baby footprints on a mug to a masterpiece on a fruit bowl, and everything in between! So it will be interesting to see what the two extremes of our age ranges come up with, from 3 to 86 years old!

lunch where I don’t have to cook, so we’re booked into the Foresters’ Inn for a traditional Sunday lunch.

We’re also trying to get fitter this year too so a cycle ride through the forest after lunch will be in order. Then to relax after a hard cycle ride a swim and some time in the jacuzzi will be nice.

I also know how important time with just me and Daddypinkwellies is, either once Littlebit is in bed or if we’re lucky enough to be holidaying with the grands, which we will be on this break, then a date afternoon or evening. So we’ve booked a perfect end to the day with a Twilight Spa for 2.

Daddypinkwellies’ perfect day, in his words:

  • a lie in
  • bacon for breakfast
  • watching Littlebit have fun and even better being involved in it
  • eating well
  • a hot tub (he’ll have to do with a jacuzzi by the pool)
  • a late supper with wine once the girl is in bed
  • some us time

Littlebit’s perfect day, in her words:

  • go swimming
  • play games
  • eat chocolate
  • play on slides
  • eat chocolate
  • watch Ben & Holly

I’m pretty sure we can cover all of those on our short break.

I’m a Center Parcs Family Blogger and will be visiting Elveden village with my family courtesy of Center Parcs. If you want to enter to win a place as a wildcard winner just go to the challenge page to find out how http://bit.ly/1gvBHBB

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  1. Twinsplustwo

    We loved Center Parcs – and they are getting better in their Parcmarket for stocking FreeFrom foods – but I wish we could feed the children at their restaurants :(

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