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This weeks The Gallery theme over on Sticky Fingers blog is NEW.

2014! So far this year is bringing lots of NEW things for our little family.

A NEW sleep routine. Littlebit has gone from sleeping 12 to 13 hours solid a night to waking once or twice in the night and crying out and getting up in the wee hours (rather that her usual 8am). I hope this new routine doesn’t stay for long!

A NEW role for me with the Tots100. Exciting!

A NEW diet, well a renewed one anyway, with a target of 2 stone to lose over the next few months with a helpful class run by Play School for other parents who want to shed a few pounds.

A NEW venture for hubs and I, more on that later in the year. Lots of secret squirrelling going on though. It’s a lot of fun doing something like this together.

Lots of NEW language from Littlebit. She’s no longer a toddler but a fully fledged conversationalist.

A NEW pair of pink wellies for me!

A fair few NEW behaviours from Littlebit, most of them bad! I’m assuming that we didn’t get away with the terrible twos as I’d previously thought, Littlebit just decided to hold on until she was 3 1/3 to hit us with these… um…. challenging behaviours. Thankfully she’s still mostly good, but her “moments” are getting more interesting, lets put it that way!

A NEW referral to yet another NHS department for Littlebit, Orthotics now as her gait is very odd.

A NEW way to remember the fun and happy moments from the year with the introduction of our “happiness jar“.

A NEW morning routine for me. Gone is the 3 cups of coffee before I can function. My morning starts with a cup of hot lemon water and the first cup of coffee of the day doesn’t pass my lips until about 1030am.

A NEW found love of searching for things. Animal footprints, bugs, seeds, anything she can find outdoors and study under her magnifying glass. This is my favourite photo this year so far, so it’s my entry to The Gallery this week.

our little sherlock


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  1. Adele

    So many New things. I love the idea of the Happiness Jar, i hope you have many wonderful memories come the end of the year. I love your daughters picture

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