Winter Bucket List

winter bucket list

Our bucket lists seem to have become a regular thing now on Mummypinkwellies with both the summer and autumn bucket lists providing lots of ideas for things for us to do, so we’re going for it again with a Winter Bucket List. We managed most of the things on the autumn list but we are carrying over:

  • Build a den under the dining table on a wet and rainy day.
  • Go “eyebombing“ in the vegetable aisle at a local supermarket.
  • Make S’mores over a real fire.

The additions for winter are also:

  • Have a pyjama/movie day with Daddy.
  • Do lots more Geocaching.
  • Go on a winter picnic, blankets in the boot of the car, hot soup and lots of warm clothes.
  • Take wintery story books to the woods and read them and search for their characters, I’m thinking Stick Man and Winnie the Pooh here.
  • Bake yummy goodies for family and friends in the morning and go and deliver them in the afternoon.
  • Drink home made hot chocolate from a flask in the woods, take a tray with marshmallows and yummy goodies to accompany like Keep Up With The Jones Family.
  • Play with a winter tuff spot – bring the snow inside.
  • Build a snow fort if we have a deep snow.
  • Go sledding on a big hill.
  • Make ice marbles, hopefully with more success this time than last.
  • Have a snow ball fight.
  • Blow bubbles in minus temperatures.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Go puddle jumping in our waterproofs.
  • Get lots of heaters, warm towels and the hairdryer ready and go and play out in the garden in the rain on a not too cold day.
  • Kids a.m. at the cinema.
  • Visit one of the local castle grounds with Ben & Holly story book.
  • Visit Coventry transport museum – completely free and open 7 days a week.

Let me know if you have a Winter Bucket List or you have any more suggestions for ours.

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