Taking Control of my Health: Review

This year I am taking charge of my health. It’s something I should have done a long time ago if I’m honest.

I’m overweight, have struggled with my weight ever since I can remember. So I’m going to shift the last 3 stone to take me back into the healthy weight range. I lost 2.5 stone last year.

I have these undiagnosed tummy issues. So far I’ve had an ultrasound scan of my abdomen, an endoscopy, pH tests and pressure tests and they’ve all come back clear. Which is a really good thing but it takes me no closer to knowing why I have almost permanent nausea. I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s either hormonal or IBS. Neither of which they can test for so I’m going down the herbal route to see if I can sort it myself.

I have back problems, related but not solely linked to the weight. I have monthly deep tissue massages for it. It’s problems with my intercostal muscles (the muscles in between your ribs), so I’m told, for a couple of weeks it’s ok after the massage but then it starts to deteriorate again.

I also get aches and pains in my joints sometimes. I’m old before my time I tell you!

So when I was asked to review some Regenovex capsules and Deep Relief gel I jumped at the chance. Anything that might help with any of these issues is worth a try.

I take a proton pump inhibitor (tummy tablet) every day prescribed by my GP and I’d already started taking a basic multi vitamin supplement each day too. This year I had also also introduced a ginger capsules for the nausea, a B-vitamin complex as it could be B-vitamin deficiencies that’s causing the tummy problems, Raspberry Ketones to speed up my metabolism (hopefully) and now I have added in a Regenovex Capsule each day too.

I take all of these with a large cup of hot lemon water each morning. Which, as an aside, has really helped wake me up each morning. I’ve gone from only functioning once I’ve had 2 cups of coffee to just having this before the play school run and having my first coffee around 945am each day and been a perfectly functioning human in the play school queue, well at least I think I am. It also seems to have helped with dry skin and my complexion. That, or one of the new supplements.


Regenovex Capsules contain a technically advanced and unique formulation with marine Bionovex® Oil and Hyaluronic Acid (HA). These two key ingredients are derived from natural sources.

They are small and easy to swallow capsules. They’re Gelatin free and all of the key ingredients are from natural sources. They are also free from artificial colours, preservatives, yeast and sugar.

So what is Bionovex® Oil? I had no idea before I approached for this review. It is a unique patented marine oil derived from Green Lipped Mussels, containing ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid), an Omega-3 fatty acid. The Green Lipped Mussels used in Bionovex® Oil are harvested and sourced only from the clean, clear and fresh waters of New Zealand. Ok, so what is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? The role of synovial fluid is to lubricate and cushion. Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of synovial fluid, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Regenovex Capsules

I’d tried various other fish oils before for my back and minor joint pains and seen no effect. I’ve only been taking these capsules for a couple of weeks but already my knees are less achey first thing in the morning. Could this be auto suggestion? I guess so, but they honestly aren’t as “tight”. Anything that will help with aches and pains is a good thing in my book. Regenovex capsules aren’t cheap at £18.99 for a months supply but if they help then I think it’s worth it.

My back seems to be better between massages too this time round. So here’s to more improvement.

And when it is bad the Deep Relief has been a blessing! I was taking ibuprofen for the back pain when it was really bad but I had to stop taking these with the tummy problems, in case it was an ulcer, so I had moved to co-codamol. Without going into too much detail, they bung me up! So I’d rather not take co-codamol. So this could be the answer. The ibuprofen in the gel isn’t going to aggravate my tummy (even though I now know it’s not an ulcer anyway) and can be applied directly to the source of the pain, my intercostal muscles.

Deep Relief Gel

Deep Relief is the only pain relief gel to contain 2 effective analgesics – Ibuprofen and Levomenthol. Deep Relief helps hit pain where it is needed most. Helping to get pain off your mind, so you can get on with your life. This can only be a good thing when you have a pre-schooler to entertain.

Its unique ingredient combination reduces inflammation and helps alleviate pain. The gel is non-greasy cooling and soothing with a light, inoffensive, menthol fragrance. A 50g tube is around £4.75 and is lasting ages for me as you only need to apply a small amount each time.

So, here’s to a healthier 2014!

This is a review post. We were supplied with Regenovex Capsules and Deep Relief for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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