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Weaning a preemie

This subject has come up numerous times over the last few weeks on the various forums and Facebook pages of which I am a member and opinion on when and how you should wean a preemie is varied.

I was given a Bliss fact sheet and booklet by the hospital where Littlebit finished her 7.5 week stay. Both can be downloaded here. I found these invaluable as the advice for a preemie is quite different to term babies.

The government guidelines for a term baby are that you shouldn’t wean until they are 6 months old, however premature babies aren’t included in that guideline. Bliss recommends that a preemie be weaned onto solid foods between 5 and 7 months actual age from birth. No correcting here!

I was lucky enough to be provided with Leicestershire Nutrition and Dietetic Service premature baby weaning guidelines by my health visitor. The ones I have linked to have been updated slightly since I was given them. Back then there was a timetable, in weeks, on what you should be offering. Their recommendations are very similar, though they extend by a month, suggesting you should wean between 5 and 8 months actual age.

The reason that preemies aren’t included in the government guidelines is because it is recognised that they have usually missed out of some of the normal nourishment that occurs in the womb in the last trimester of pregnancy. Some preemies need a little more nourishment to help them “catch up” and some may take longer to wean than a term baby. Especially babies who have been on oxygen for any length of time.

Littlebit, being the 2lb 4.5oz dot that she was and being quite slow to gain weight compared to some of the other babies on our unit, had a lot of catching up to do.

The signs for whether a preemie is ready to wean are pretty similar to that of a termie. See here. How the guidelines seem to differ is that a preemie can be supported into a sitting position, where a termie should be able to support themselves.

There is also some brilliant information on weaning your 5-8 month old from HiPP Organic. I received a booklet on weaning from HiPP when Littlebit was about 4 months old and it was invaluable.

I knew Littlebit was ready when she went from regular 3 to 4 hour breast feeds to literally wanting to feed all the time. This was different for us than for a lot of breast feeders as Littlebit never really fed on demand. We did try it but her weight gain slowed, dramatically, so we went back to the seemingly regimented system we had in the NICU and SCBU, feeding every 3 to 4 hours and her weight gain shot up again. It was what worked for us, though I know it’s not the recommended method.

She also chewed everything she could get her hands on, and in fact her hands if there was nothing else around and she watched us eat avidly, watching every mouthful.

We started weaning at 5 and a half months. She was definitely ready!

We were lucky enough to have been offered a second hand Bumbo seat. This was perfect for weaning as Littlebit couldn’t sit up on her own, though could easily support her head. The pictures below show us using it on the dining table, we would only do this if we didn’t need to move away from the table during the feeding so she’d never be left on her own in it (just a disclaimer there, you never know!) First we tried a mouthful of baby rice, I’d actually made up about 5 mouthfuls as I was a bit heavy handed. The recommendation was 1-2 mouthfuls. Well, she wolfed it down and when I took it away cried blue murder so we scraped it clean.

Then I tasted it, and yuck! There was no way she was having that again, it had absolutely no taste. So, next day I started batch cooking. Butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, parsnip, potato, apple and pear all in ice cube sized portions. Our kitchen was like a baby food production line for days. I also made a decision that I would only buy organic from then on in and I would taste everything I was expecting her to eat first.

Littlebit tried some butternut squash on the second day and we never looked back. Seriously, everything she tried she loved. There was no stopping her. I remember calling the HV one day, worried that we were moving too fast, as on week two she was having the week four foods. Our health visitor told me to let her set the pace and as long as she was not bringing it back up, not dropping her milk feeds and was weeing and pooing as normal then not to worry.

Meat, fish, cheese, veggies, all manner of fruits. A taste of chocolate at Easter (pictured below). You name it, Littlebit would eat it. We mixed the cubes together, some really weird combinations too and she’d gobble it up. Proof, if proof were needed, that she was ready for new tastes.

Littlebit was onto finger foods by 9 months old.

When I was pregnant and before I knew what was to come I had done quite a bit of reading into weaning and really wanted to do baby led weaning. Obviously this wasn’t an option for Littlebit :( but those first few days of finger feeding were brilliant.

One thing I think it’s important to remember and get your head around if you need to, is that weaning is a messy business. I quite easily could have been one of those mums with a wet wipe at the ready, all the time. Cleaning as I went. But I personally think that’s dangerous. A baby could easily pick up on an ‘clean freak’ vibes and then learn to dislike the sensation of food, or other stuff for that matter, on their face and hands. I would occasionally clean during (when she got it on her head or in her ears as below) but generally we didn’t touch the wet wipes until the end of the meal, hard as this was for me sometimes.

This is after eating her first HiPP cocoa and vanilla desert. I was quite disappointed that she ate it all, it smelt lovely!

Baby baking, pictured above helped with this too I’m sure as mess was an understatement. You can read more about baby baking here and here. I can safely say that Littlebit doesn’t mind getting covered in food now a days.

Another important element to weaning that I found was choosing the right highchair. Once she was too mobile for the Bumbo she needed a highchair that wouldn’t swamp her. There are so many out there that just swallow her up…

The bigger, padded ones we find difficult, even now. The picture above was only taken a few months ago and she really struggled with that chair. It was like Peter Kay’s emergency chairs scenario. The best we found was this one from IKEA with the inflatable insert. The insert meant that it really supported Littlebit in a sitting position until she could sit completely unaided, that’s when we took it out. I actually bought two and kept one deflated in the changing bag as it really helped in the bigger restaurant highchairs.

And lastly, Ella’s Kitchen who I’ve waxed lyrical about before and Hipp Organic baby food pouches and jars were my “out and about” saving grace. I tried to give Littlebit home cooked stuff as much as possible but found that it just wasn’t convenient when we were out for whole day at a time. So we used their massive variety of options. We found the pouches the best and Littlebit eventually learnt to suck straight from the pouch too, even easier. It gave her more variety of tastes too, some of their recipes I’d never have thought of making and mixing together for her.

One last word on weaning a preemie, or a termie for that matter. Be prepared for the poo! That’s all I shall say, just BE PREPARED!

As an added bonus I also have a free giveaway courtesy of the helpful and weaning friendly HiPP Organic. You can win a range of stage 1 products, all you need to do is:

1. follow @HiPPOrganic on twitter

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Here’s the prize:

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The competition will close on Friday 17th February and a winner will be chosen at random. Please ensure that I have a way of contacting you when the competition closes. UK Entrants only please.

Good luck :)

Disclaimer: while I have not received payment for this post I did receive a few munch treats for Littlebit and the prize giveaway from HiPP Organic.

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I’ll have motherhood with a large portion of judgment on the side

Being a mum, to me, is the most important role I will ever play in my lifetime. The one job I always wanted to do, and obviously I want to do it right.

However, all mums (and dads for that matter) are thrown in at the deep end. You don’t have lessons at school on how to be a good parent, there’s no manual that shoots out of your birth canal between delivering your baby and your placenta, there’s no safety net training course you must do before you “get the job”! And yet we are overwhelmed by information, usually conflicting, on pretty much everything to do with parenthood.

Some mums, like me, do their research and then choose the way that works best for them. Others “wing it” and do whatever is best at the time and are far more organic in their approach. However, there is one thing it seems that all mothers have alike, and that is that all mums judge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some perfect mums out there who just get on with their own business and don’t judge others, I had hoped to be one of these. But apparently I am not!

What do mums judge each other for? I think the more appropriate question is what don’t we judge each other for?

Everything from method of feeding – breast or bottle?:
A friend of mine was pregnant, I met up with her and went shopping when she was 8 months gone, she was stocking up on formula. I asked her if she was going to try breastfeeding, she said no, she didn’t want to. I judged her.

To sleep training:
Another friend lets her baby cry himself to sleep every single night, no matter how long it takes. This little boy cries a lot during the day too. I judged her.

To breast feeding length:
Someone I know is still breastfeeding her 2 and a bit year old. I judged her.

To feeding your child “junk food”:
A lady I know regularly gives her 18 month old coca cola and chocolate. I judged her.

To how clean your house is:
Someone is coming round and I do a mad dash tidy and clean so they won’t judge me and my house.

And particularly on the NICU, mums really judged there. I really judged there. It doesn’t make me feel good when I look back at it.

How often different parents were at their child’s cot side.

Method of feeding, who was pumping who wasn’t.

I could go on.

But, what gives me the right to judge? I honestly didn’t think I’d be ‘that’ person, but I find I just can’t help myself. It’s like motherhood is a competition, a competition where the winner is the one that does it right.

Is the reason we judge others because we judge ourselves first? I am always sat thinking “am I doing this right?” “she’s doing it different to me, is her way better?” “I wonder if she thinks I’m doing this all wrong?” I project judgement of myself onto others, when half the time they’re probably really just getting on with their day, or horrors thinking the exact same things in reverse.

But who says what is right anyway? It seems there is no right and wrong way to do this. No one will give a definitive answer on most things, not even the NHS and our beloved Health Visitors. Some things are obvious, giving an 18 month old coca cola to drink can never be a wise move, but other questions such as how do I sleep train my child and how long should I breastfeed for, there are no final answers to. No one seems to know. Most resources say “do what feels right to you” or something along those lines.

We all want to be best at what we do, we constantly compare ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, to all mums we come across. All of our biases come from a need for reassurance. Maybe that’s why we judge then. Because we don’t know the right way to do it and it makes us feel better, in a sick kind of way, when we think we’re doing it right where other mums are doing it wrong.

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The Mummy quiz

The Mummy Quiz. I first saw this on Cafe Bebe’s lovely blog and then yesterday saw that one of my favourite bloggers Not Even a Bag of Sugar had also joined in, so I’m partaking too :) It also links in to this weeks Britmums blog prompt, so I’m linking to there too.

So, to the quiz:

1. Before my child can fall asleep I have to…..

Give her some boobie. Littlebit usually falls asleep whilst feeding. We snuggle tight, she takes what she wants and then falls into a peaceful sleep. She doesn’t even murmur when I put her into her cot and usually sleeps a good 12 hours and wakes up happily in her own room.

I must admit that I am slightly nervous about what we will replace this bedtime routine with when she eventually gives up the boobie.

2. One thing I do that makes my child laugh is…..

Littlebit isn’t much of a giggler. This makes me a little sad, but to make up for it she pretty much always has a smile on her face. What does always make her giggle though is a good old game of peeka boo, or just boo even. The video below is dear hubby playing with her in her Bright Starts Around We Go.

3. One thing my child does that makes me laugh is…..

Laugh. When she laughs she just has me in bits. It’s such a hilarious little laugh she has, as you will have seen in the video above.

There are so many other things too. The defiant face she gives me when I tell her no, I find it so hard not to laugh at that. How she throws a toy over her shoulder when she’s done with it… So many things.

4. I’m more lenient than I thought I would be about…..

Not a lot actually. She is a particularly well behaved little girl at the moment, so I don’t often need to be lenient. But I do now have a much better understanding when children are shouting or being noisy in places where you’d rather them be quiet. There was a time, pre Littlebit, that if we were out for dinner and a child was being consistently noisy and it seemed like the parent wasn’t doing enough to stop them it would really irritate me. I now understand that sometimes they are just going to be noisy, no matter what you do, and actually sometimes the more you try to quiet them the louder they get.

I think I’m quite laid back when it comes to a fair amount of stuff. I let her wander and explore, as long as I know where she is. She is allowed the run of the living and dining room so I guess I’m lenient with that. I don’t believe in containing her unless there are dangers about. I didn’t think I’d be as laid back with that kind of stuff.

5. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve said as a parent is…..

I’ve found this one really hard. I’m sure I have said lots of ridiculous things but I really don’t know what. Maybe some of you who know me can point out something stupidly ridiculous I said in the comments section. Cop out I know.

6. The best rule in our house is…

To be yourself. Even if being yourself isn’t always easy on others, being yourself all the time is the best way to be. The greatest success is being yourself.

7. Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and make my child…

Not have been premature.

Mostly her prematurity has not caused her any lasting problems (apart from her eyes, which I’ve blogged about recently), and actually we met some amazing people through her being a preemie who otherwise we wouldn’t have met. So we have a lot to be thankful for because of it. But, she may always be that little bit smaller than other children her age and we may always have those questions and comments that we get, like “she’s so small”, “oh, isn’t she dainty” and sometimes I just wish she’d been born at term.

So, there we have it. Cafe Bebe’s “Mummy Quiz”! If you’d like to take part and share your Mummy responses, please feel free and don’t forget to tag me and Cafe Bebe to make sure we see it :)

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