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Slimming world rescue recipes

I’m enjoying slimming with Slimming World. I do like my sweet stuff though, particularly chocolate, so here are some rescue recipes for those times when fruit just won’t cut it.

Ferraro roche

Mix 2 tbsp nutella with 5 crumbed ryvitas, roll into 8 balls.

1 syn each


Easy chocolate cheesecakes

Take a malted milk biscuit, rich tea biscuit or coconut ring (2 syns each) and spread with a heaped tsp of Cadbury’s chocolate Philadephia (1.5 syns).

3.5 syns each

Cadbury’s chocolate Philadephia is the best invention ever!


Nutella hot chocolate

Stir 1 tbsp Nutella into hot skimmed milk (a choice)

4 syns if using milk from ‘a’ choice.


Chocolate pudding

A carton silken tofu (available from health food shops)
4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa (1 syn per level tbsp)
Powdered sweetener to taste

Whizz it all in a blender. Refridgerate immediately.

4 syns for the lot


And last of all, if I’m really in a hurry for that chocolate hit I spread a tablespoon of Nutella on 2 original ryvitas. It’s just like the Ferarro roche recipe above without the clearing up. Yummy and all for 4 syns if you have the ryvita as your ‘b’ choice.

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